Frank G. McGuire

Francis G. (Frank) McGuire, noted aviation journalist, author, expert analyst and lecturer died unexpectedly of a stroke on September 12, 2012 at his home in Colorado. He was 80. A native of Philadelphia, McGuire earned a B.A. degree in Russian Studies from Syracuse University and an M.A. in Journalism from Columbia University. After serving in the Marine Corps during the Korean War, he became the chief European correspondent for American Aviation Publications and later was managing editor of Air Transport World magazine. McGuire founded several publications including "Helicopter News," which won the National Investigative Journalism Award for uncovering and disclosing a major safety flaw in U.S. helicopters that had killed an estimated 250 American servicemen and women. He also wrote the comprehensive book "Helicopters, 1948-1998, A Contemporary History." While living in Washington, DC, McGuire developed a close friendship with Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's personal secretary from the time he entered the United States Senate until his assassination, and her husband Abe. Upon their deaths he inherited Evelyn's personal papers and manuscripts and was in the process of writing a book. In 2004 Frank re-published Evelyn's book My Twelve Years With John F. Kennedy with a sensitive foreword written by him. As a newsman, he covered the 1960 Democratic Convention in Los Angeles which nominated JFK and was a news reporter at the White House during the Kennedy Administration, traveling with the president to numerous aviation and military facilities in the western U.S. and the Pacific Fleet as the Vietnam war was heating up. Later McGuire was under contract to CBS News as the network's expert consultant on political violence, aviation disasters and security, analyzing terrorist acts at New York's World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the siege in Waco, Texas, the Unabomber's reign of terror, and major aviation disasters. In recent years he was a frequent lecturer at government agencies and universities. Frank's habit of diving into a subject mercilessly and study it till he knew everything there was to learn gave him expert status on an array of subjects including terrorism, aviation safety and security, and the John F. Kennedy administration. As an avid adventurer, Frank spent a few years in the 1970's sailing the Caribbean and traveling through Europe interviewing characters along the way. In the last few years he traveled to Antarctica, Sweden, Africa, and Ireland. Frank was preceded in death by his sister Janet Frey. He is survived by his daughter Victoria J., his son G. Michael (Mickey), his brother Michael ( Angela ), nieces and grandchildren and Madeleine, his friend and fellow adventurer in life. A lifelong volunteer firefighter, McGuire was eulogized at a memorial service held at the Sunshine Fire Department near his home in Boulder, Colorado, September 16, 2012.

Published in The Daily Camera on Feb. 3, 2013