Mr. Alex Burton

Mr. Alex Burton, longtime DFW radio and news personality, died Thursday of complications of prostate cancer at Treemont Healthcare & Rehab Center in Dallas, according to news reports. He was 80.

Mr. Burton is a member of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. According to his TRHoF bio, he was a native Canadian who came to Texas in 1961 and DFW in 1962, starting as a cameraman/reporter for what was then WBAP/Channel 5.

One of the people Mr. Burton worked with was CBS' Bob Schieffer, who's from Fort Worth. Note the last sentence of the following quote.

"Alex actually was the 10 p.m. anchor for a short time," Schieffer told our Bud Kennedy in an e-mail. "Then I came back from Vietnam and Bobbie Wygant invited me to be on her noon show to talk about the war. After the show, the station offered me the job as anchor of both -- they didn't call it anchor back then -- and I took it, mainly for the money. ... Alex then shifted to the midnight news where he did a wacky news cast in which he often discussed the stories with a potted palm tree he called Arthur."

In 1968, Mr. Burton left to become news director of KDTV/Channel 39. The station only last two years. Soon after its demise, he joined the staff at what was then KRLD/Channel 4. Then he went to KRLD radio, where he spent 20 years, reporting stories from Central America, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, Australia, and both Chinas, as well as Texas.

Mr. Burton is survived by his wife, Mary Jane Tokar of Dallas; two daughters, Mila Isabella of Dallas and Sylvia Mansfield in Los Angeles.

Memorials may be made to the Press Club of Dallas Scholarship Fund in care of E.M. Duvall & Associates, 329 Oaks Trail, No. 190 Garland, Texas 75043.

Published in Star-Telegram on Sept. 13, 2012