SIMMONS, Edmund J. born October 3, 1925 died May 25, 2013 in Mesa, AZ. Ed was born in Ottumwa, Iowa and worked in his father's jewelry store until signing up for the infantry in 1943. He was sent to France and participated in the Battle of the Bulge in France until being wounded. Ed was one of the first group of soldiers to discover under ground bunkers in France that contained murals of Disney characters on the walls. Upon returning to Ottumwa he took up golf to rehabilitate his arm, which had been severely wounded and became a fairly good golfer into his 80's. Ed married his high school sweetheart and moved to Des Moines in 1954 to start work at Equitable of Iowa insurance after receiving his degree from the University of Iowa. He enjoyed bowling, bridge and gardening. Ed also kept his skill at clock repair and repaired many a friend's clock or watch over many years. After retiring from Equitable, he and his wife Vedona moved to Mesa, AZ and grew roses there until Vedona passed away in 2008. Ed is survived by his two daughters.