John Pratt

In Loving Memory of
John Pratt

A star in the theater of life, John was always there for me and everyone he knew. The amount of anguish and heartache that surfaced when he was tragically taken from us was beyond measure, and now we are all forced to continue this journey without him. John was, is and always will be, the love of my life; he will remain in my heart for eternity. John, we pray you know how many really momentously love and miss you. God's Speed.

For a moment, I want to speak for John, not that I ever did, but he many times said, when it happened, he didnt mind. He wants you all to know, how much he loved you, know how proud he is of you all for being there to help my family and I get through the toughest time in our lives. He is grateful to all who stood-up, and will see you again on the high road.

I would like to personally thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The chores, the food, the time and the donations to John's Boys that everyone gave, was the glue that helped me keep it together. My son Mikell, daughter-in-law Michelle, and their children Hunter and Ryekin, are so deeply grateful. I have tried to contact everyone who sent the cards, did the chores and made donations, so to express my gratitude. Not all of the heart felt sympathy, kindness and compassion arrived signed, I wasnt sure who to thank. I will take a moment to do that now, I dont know what I would have done without you; you are all angels to me. It has only been a month since John left that morning for work, since then, time has had little to do with a clock, it has had a lot to do with moment by moment.

John, I will love you moment, by moment, by moment.

Your loving wife,
Nancy Pratt

The Wells Fargo Bank Education Fund for "Johns Boys" (grandsons), will remain open. Acct: 3975954367

Published in FLORIDA TODAY from Apr. 26 to Apr. 28, 2013