Blank Blank Blank
Blank Blank Blank


  • "Miss, miss,miss,miss,miss you! Mommy"
    - Lauri Jones
  • "Although words seem so inadequate to express such deep..."
    - Carmen Leal
  • "I just learned of your passing. It breaks my heart. You..."
    - Satinder Klair
  • "The only other person who could drive me as crazy as my..."
    - Dillon Nussbaum
  • "I love you Taguey. Mommy"

On the day of the crash, I had a great talk with my son. "Ross asked what bands you've been listening to." His quick answer was that he was listening to a lot of things, but wasn't sure which, if any, would be added to his short list of most-favorites: Green Day, Tool, Pink Floyd. He mentioned the album "Wish You Were Here." Alright Taguey-boy I am wishing you were see all this love. To see how important you were. I don't think anyone knows how important they are, or they don't always remember. You are the kid who got interested in God's creation, the cosmos, and all that Science could lead you to: moving from the Crocodile Hunter, then to reading every book you could about snakes and lizards, and finally moving to string theory and multiple dimensions via Michio Kaku books and youtube videos on Physics. You never really liked school, but you didn't let that stop you from learning. You are a person of courage. You spoke up where others might hesitate. There's a story of you at a church camp. There was a nutter proclaiming his 12th century understanding of God and Science, and you asked questions that made it obvious that you knew that God was the author of Science, and that the two should probably mesh. You spoke up, and you were just a kid. I know I told you, but I sure hope you know, that I am proud of you. You are a person of love and acceptance. You moved from one crowd to the next. You could show as much love and grace to the church ladies three times your age when you ran into them at Starbuck's, as you could to one of your peers in the park. You stuck up for folks. People keep telling us stories about this. Things I have to mention: Your imagination: making short films with your friends with our video camera, drawing comic books, writing songs... Your humor : your innumerable trips through town with Mikey on wheel chairs, being the comic MC for the church's Thank Offering Dinners... Your music: playing drums for the church praise band, playing with Kyle (and the Black Pennies) on the rooftop of the spiral garage in downtown Fresno, or in the parking lot of Yoshi Now!---and of course, endless hours serenading the neighborhood with your drums and guitar sounding through the not-very-well-sealed windows of your upstairs bedroom. Things I'm supposed to say: Tague grew up here in the Central Valley. He graduated from Kingsburg High School. He saw a lot for a youngster: Seattle to Berlin, rodeos to art shows. His trips with his grandfather (Haha) to family farms in Nebraska were a huge deal to him. He is survived by his parents, Blake and Lauri Jones; his sister, Chelsea Jones; his grandmothers Margot Jones and Carol Haun; his aunt, Sandie Woods;, cousins, Haley Hendrix and Andrew Woods, and numerous other relatives and friends. Donations can be made to the Tague Jones Science Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1801 21st Ave./Kingsburg, Ca/93631.
Published in the Fresno Bee on June 23, 2013