Walter Modern Stewart

Walter Stewart was born in Los Angeles, California, and was the youngest of eleven children. Early in life he served in the United States Army, having been stationed in Germany for 18 months during the Vietnam War. Walt worked as an administrator for the Army, as well as a driver for top military officials, having obtained an E4 classification. Walter was also a celebrated artist who was known for his sign work around Colorado Springs, Colorado in particular, as well as for his fine art paintings which were displayed in both public galleries and private venues. Walt was a trusted adviser to many, particularly in spiritual matters. He was widely known for having been a personal body guard and assistant of the celebrated Manly Palmer Hall while living in California. Walt was also Manly Hall's last ministerial student in the Church of the People. Walt was widely known for his lectures at fraternal bodies that he regularly participated in, to include Freemasonry, the friends of Saint Martin, and CIRCES International, where he also left behind incredible artwork he produced. If Walt was not participating in fraternal activities or painting, he was known for his love of Indian motorcycles and books. Everyone who encountered Walt loved him very much, and his gentle presence will be missed in the world. Walter was a man of strong convictions and a gentle mannerism, who stood up for what he thought was right, while showing loving compassion. He was a man who showed respect to all, and who all respected. He can best be remembered by working to inculcate the virtues that he selflessly displayed to the world. Walter Stewart is survived by his loving wife Dana Stewart of forty years in Colorado Springs, as well as his daughter Jennifer Kant and six grandchildren. Services will be held at the Colorado Springs Masonic Temple, 1150 Panorama Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 on Wednesday the 28th of November at 7:00PM, a reception follows.


Published in The Gazette on Nov. 27, 2012