William Dombrowski

We feel your warmth around us like your presence is so near. We close our eyes to visualize your face when you were here. We cherish the times we spent together, which are locked inside our hearts; for as long as we have those memories we will never be apart. They said that time is a healer, but we are not too sure. Every time we think of you, our hearts miss you more. We can't explain the emptiness that life has now become, our thoughts go back to happy times when we were all one. We remember you as you walk through the leaves of gold and we remember you at Christmas time in the stories that are told. For every day that passes, our recollections of you in our broken hearts will never heal, but your memory will pull us through. In our hearts you will always live and your love, your voice and your smile will be forever imprinted in our minds. We Love and Miss You, Your Loving wife, Maria, Shayne, Shannon, Steve and your Grandchildren

Published in The Gazette on Dec. 6, 2012