Ryan E. Swim

Ryan Swim January 18, 1983 – September 28, 2012 Ryan's Song What is it about a Tender Heart that draws us all in? It's something that we're all drawn to, it's something that we all would hope to have, it's something that makes a difference in the life of others, and it's something that only God can give. Ryan Swim is the perfect example of a person that has a tender heart! Beyond the fishing poles, lines, and hooks is a man that loves his son and his family. Ryan was the type of man that desired to enjoy life with others, if he was going to go out and enjoy an afternoon of fishing you better believe he was taking his best buddy, his son, Aiden with him. Ryan's heart for his son, Aiden, is something that most men could only hope to have. They were best buddies that did everything possible together, from Xbox to fishing at Connected Lakes, Ryan and Aiden were inseparable. Though it was a short five years together Ryan's heart has left the best impression of love possible in Aiden's life. Next to Aiden, Ryan's fiancé, Nikki, was the love of his life! They were engaged to be married this coming May and it was what the two of them had dreamt of their entire life. They absolutely complimented each other in every possible way. Ryan had the girl of his dreams to share every part of his heart with. From the time they met his heart and his smile became even more infectious to those around him. Ryan has a very large family that he loves very much. Though he had five or six houses to visit on any given Holiday he was sure to be at each one even just for a moment so he could share in the day with everyone he loved. He always made time for his family and he was always sure to let them know that he was there to help if there was ever a need. It didn't matter how you came into the family he treated you like you were there from day one. His friends would surely tell you the same in that he had a heart bigger than any other man they knew. How about his loyal customers that he developed over the last few years at his shop? Outside of his family, Ryan took pride in owning and operating Polar Bear Automotive. He took ownership in everything he did for his customers there and did everything he could to make sure the job was done right and at a fair price. His success there was huge! Ryan had a goal in life to make others proud of him and he claimed incredible victory in that. We were all so very proud of everything he did! He was always sure to tell you that he loved you before he left in fact he probably gave out more "I love you" than anybody his family knows. His smile would always brighten your day and burn into your memory of him. Though Ryan left us to go back to the very One who gave him his life and his tender heart, he will not be forgotten. The heart that he showed in everything he did will live on as a legacy through his son, his family, his friends, and his co-workers. There will never be another Ryan, Aiden's daddy, Nikki's love, big brother, son, grandson, uncle, nephew, our guy, our gentle giant. The void he leaves will be filled with God's Grace and Love! It's impossible not to be impacted and changed by a life like Ryan's! Believe that even though his life was not what we call long enough, it will go on impacting the lives of every person he knew. Good will come from the very short life that was lived by Ryan. Until we see him again, he will be cradled in the arms of his Father! Ryan has been welcomed into heaven by those that have preceded him, Uncle Trevor Tonozzi; cousins, Anna Lee Janowitz and Collin Swim. Ryan is survived by his son, Aiden Swim; fiancé, Nikki O'Dell; parents, Stacey Tonozzi, and Sam and Kindra Swim; grandparents, great-grandma, Wilda Tonozzi of Fruita; Tony and Dolores Tonozzi of Loma, and Ed and Monica Swim of Loma; siblings, Kendra Swim of Grand Junction; Karissa Swim Kellerstrass of Littleton; Keena Bonella of Fort Worth, TX; Makenzy Swim of Grand Junction; Scott Miller of Grand Junction; Ashleigh Miller of Grand Junction, and Bryson Tonozzi of Grand Junction. He is also survived by two nieces and a nephew, many aunts and uncles, cousins galore, all of whom will dearly miss Mr. Ryan Eugene Swim!

Published in The Daily Sentinel on Oct. 3, 2012