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Robert Prather

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To our Friend, fellow Competitor, and frequent Nemesis
Robert D. Prather

We, your friends, wanted to express our esteemed appreciation for your candid, folksy, genuine fellowship and friendship for these many years of benchrest association and participation.
The long tedious hours of practice and even competition were punctuated by your humor and wit. The good natured jabs and kind insults broke the everyday monotony and awoke it with laughter. Your innate ability to find fun and humor, in an otherwise drab world, makes you a sought after companion and trusted friend. The pictures you painted with your descriptive stories and tales of your youth were widescreen and in technicolor. Your audience could virtually crawl into the picture with you and live the excitement along side of you. We all have lived out some of our dreams vicariously through your exploits.
Your constant effort to do better lifted your performance both in life and benchrest to a level far above average. Your ability to think on your feet, make an intelligent decision and follow through with the appropriate action gave you and your family tangible benefits. Had you been born one hundred years earlier you could have been a Bill Hickok, Kit Carson or a Jim Bridger, all common men with uncommon qualities. While economics and the basic circumstances of life may have prevented you from realizing your maximum potential, these same conditions gave you the personality and endearing qualities that we all find so captivating.
When the time comes to slip the surly bonds of earth and rise to touch the face of God, be assured that you will not be gone, but will still live in the hearts and minds of all those who love you.
Your imposing stature, needle sharp wit, booming voice, entertaining conversation, and competitive drive will forever be with us.
Friend, we bid you comfort and peace.
Truman Wilson, Dave Gibson and Tom Stiner

Published in The Daily Sentinel on Jan. 1, 2014