Sharon Wynne (VanBeek) Reddin

Sharon Wynne (Van Beek) Reddin, 9/24/1938 to 10/2/2012

Not by accident did both her sons captain swim teams or graduate college in four years or go on to become excellent parents. They inherited her intelligence and were taught her discipline. These qualities made her a cool-headed surgical nurse and, later, a successful nurse-practitioner. She sought to broaden the opportunities of the women in succeeding generations. She lead by example, by work in family planning and by the support of like minded women friends who sought and won political office. She was never strident, and always beautiful in body and spirit. She read, she traveled afar, she flew airplanes. Her humor and Dutch stoicism saw her through 46 years of marriage to one man who is forever grateful. She is temporarily survived by sons Tim and Lee, daughter-in-laws Sandra and Laura, and by grandchildren Wynne, Eva, Lauren, Ella, Ethan, and John, and by a niece, Gretchen Bartels. Her parents Frank and Frances Van Beek died years ago a did her sister Dawn. She was preceded in death by her dog Willie who, in life, preceded her on many a joyful morning stroll. Good job Sharon.

Published in Green Valley News & Sun on Oct. 13, 2012