Steven L. Bach


In Loving Memory Steven L. Bach 4/19/1963-3/21/2009 "Steve my Brother" How do we miss thee, let us count the ways; A long embrace; like a never ending bear hug. We will never forget that embrace. A guitar man; with a song on your mind and tune in your heart; with Dad your teacher at your side. Oh how much we would miss this..... Always a great teacher, with a guitar in your hand and a youngster at your side. You always knew the new country music and sang the songs with so much pride. How do we miss thee, let us count the ways; A brightness in your blue eyes, we knew what it was; your grandchildren were close by. The light of your life and that was Love reflecting in those eyes. Then those words, "Hey Sis used to start so many conversations, but mostly followed by a pinch "Awh Sis, that didnt hurt". Just your way of saying Hello, and I love you.... And those abrupt entries into the house, but there wasnt a car. We knew it was you because you lived up the hill. I felt Mom and Dad were safer with you so close. How do we miss thee, let us count the ways; A conversation among a service team, troubleshooting about a job and then solving the problem. Watching Dads teaching moments and you trying to be patient and listen, then Mom waiting for the next service call. The way you appreciated the simple beautiful things in life and were so proud to share them with all of us. You big snake skin, hawk claw, and endless strings of fish were part of your collection of beauties along with your children. The outdoor adventures were such great fun for you to share with your kids. I always wondered how many fish you all must have caught or how many snakes? How do we miss thee, let us count the ways; Mom, talking about how good you could cook you were a natural like her. I think you spent more time in the kitchen with her then we know. The tilt of your head, the way you brushed down your beard and pulled back your hat. Your side ways grin, your laughter. The pokes and pesters you dished out contantly. The simple gestures a person does every day you never miss until you know you wont see them again and then you begin to remember..... How do I miss thee, "Steve my Brother: Let me count the ways..... I miss thee to the depths and breaths of my soul........ To endless for all to know....... We Love and Miss You Mom and Dad, Your Sisters, Children, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews, Aunts, Uncles, and Your many Special Friends

Published in Journal-News on Mar. 24, 2013