Lawrence Harold Erickson

Lawrence Harold Erickson passed away October 1, 2013. He was 90 years old. Our family loved him so much and seeing him pass is extremely sad. However Lawrence lived a long productive life that had a positive impact on many. As a longtime Christian, Lawrence accepted that a chapter of his life was coming to an end but looked forward to meeting our Lord in Heaven. Lawrence was born in Seattle on November 30, 1922. At a young age he would take on jobs such as selling magazines on the street corner to help his family survive the Great Depression. After graduating from Lincoln High School in 1941 Lawrence worked a variety of jobs including laborer positions at the Seattle Shipyards and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In 1943 Lawrence enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Europe to support the World War II effort. Following the war Lawrence returned to the Seattle area where he worked for the Seattle Fire Department. In 1950 Lawrence joined the Seattle Police department where he worked as a police officer for 26 years. Following retirement from the Police Department Lawrence worked an additional 17 years for the City of Seattle processing warrants and subpoenas; retiring in 1993. But as the late Paul Harvey would say…. you have to understand the "rest of the story". See Lawrence is my father. Every so often in life you meet a particular individual that is special. You know special when you see it. It could be the individual is extremely intelligent or perhaps the individual has unique communication skills. My father was one of those special individuals. My parents had limited funds when I grew up. Because of my parents sacrifices I was able to attend college. I graduated from college and became a successful Engineer yet I always understood that the brightest member of our family was my father. Yes I had the degree but he had the beautiful mind. His memory was quite extraordinary. His communication skills were equally impressive. His positive, honest and often times humorous approach to life made the people around him better off. My father had a variety of interests including History and Horticulture. He read countless books on these subjects and could have taught on the subjects if he had been given a college opportunity. The one passion we shared and enjoyed together was college football. His knowledge of the history of the game was impressive. Watching games together was a special time. I will miss watching football with my father. I will miss the debates we had on players and coaches. I will miss you, Dad, and I am honored to be your son. Lawrence is survived by his wife of 59 years, Ernestine; his son, Harold (Roxanne); and his pride and joy, granddaughter, Nicole. A memorial service will be held at Mukilteo Presbyterian Church on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Mukilteo Presbyterian Church, 4514 84th Street SW, Mukilteo, WA, 98275. The family would like to thank all of the nurses on the 7th floor/D wing of Providence Hospital in Everett for the loving care they provided Lawrence. Also special thanks to the Mukilteo Presbyterian Church for all their support and Mark Carlson, their family doctor for so many years.

Published in The Herald (Everett) from Oct. 6 to Oct. 16, 2013