Archbishop shares St. Peter School 50th Mass

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HUBER HEIGHTSArchbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of the Archdioces of Cincinnati shared the St. Peter School 50th Anniversary Mass last Wednesday.

Schnurr encouraged the students to find out what their talents are and to become productive, using the analogy of planting and watering a seed in order for it to grow.

"That is what we do in our Catholic Schools," he said. "What we do is help our students understand that God has indeed planted seeds and in our schools, it is our responsibility to help the students discover what those seeds arewhat those talents are and develop those talents."

Schnurr compared the students to fields in which God plants unique talents.

"The greatest joy we are ever to experience is when we discover the talents that God has given to each one of us because it's like we're fully being ourselves when we discover those talents," said Schnurr.

Once discovered, Schnurr said those talents need to be developed to discover real joy in life and that God's plan can be fully realized in each person's life. He said that God has a unique plan for each person and wants to use their talents.

Schnurr said that the seed has to be watered. He said that through prayer and the Sacraments, that one can make sure each one's field has good soil.

"It is through prayer and the Sacraments that we open ourselves to Godthe voice of God in our lives," said Schnurr.

"…We are so proud of our Catholic Schools, because we can deliver the message that we just had…that everyone of you is important to God" and given talents that are important to the individual, the church and society, said Schnurr.

He said he is was pleased that St. Peter School has been in existence for 50 years. He said he looks forward to the wonderful things that everyone of the students will do in the future as well as the accomplishments of past students who use their talents to help others.

Schnurr offered thanks to God for the gift of St. Peter School. the gift of the students that have served over the past 50 years and the gift of parents, teachers and administrators "that have worked to make St. Peter School what it is today."

"We are very proud of the school," he added.

Principal Feliza Poling was pleased to have Schnurr speak at the St. Peter School 50th Anniversary Mass.

"I think everybody was excited about having him there," said Poling, who is in her 45th year of Catholic education and her 18th year at St. Peter School. She estimated that 200 grandparents attended the Grandparents Day event and also attended the Mass.

There are approximately 490 students and 40 staff members at St. Peter School. Some teachers have been at St. Peter over 30 years.

"It's really a great thing to have kids come back, which they do all the time, to see how successful they are...," said Poling.

St. Peter School was founded in 1962 by the Ursuline Sisters of Brown County. Today, the school serves the communities of Huber Heights, Riverside, Fairborn, Tipp City, New Carlisle, and Wright Patterson Air Force Base with classes in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.

"We strive to instill in our students a lifelong commitment to learning, to Christian values, and to community service," states the school's website.

St. Peter School is located at 6185 Chambersburg Rd. in Huber Heights. To reach the school, call 233-8710.