Cindy Sedlacek-Nance

Cindy Maria Sedlacek-Nance
October 31, 1954 - July 7, 2013
Cindy Maria Sedlacek-Nance walked through eternity's door, at her home, on Sunday morning, July 7, 2013.
Cindy was born on Halloween Day, 1954 and her life was a continual series of Trick or Treats. She was the fourth child of Henry and Fay Sedlacek of Meridian, Idaho. She was proud of her Czechoslovakian heritage. Cindy lived in the Black Cat / Victory Community of Ada County throughout her entire life. She attended Mary McPherson Grade School, Meridian Middle School, Meridian High School and the University of Idaho.
Cindy Loved her Cows. She was a third generation dairy farmer. Since the time she was old enough to walk, she was in the milk barn with the cows. No matter what! She lived, breathed, groomed, talked to and understood her cows. She could tell how they were feeling by just looking at them out in the pasture. All of her cows came to her when called by name, and they followed her around like puppies. She raised flocks of sheep and goats, pigs, rabbits, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, fish, a horse, dogs and cats, but more than all, she loved her cows. Cows and animals were always treats.
In July of 1976, Cindy was driving a haying wagon, when a new comer in the neighborhood was hired to help put up hay. She took a liking to him from the start. She teased and worked this young man, until he just couldn't resist her charms. Cindy married William J. Nance, at her Brother's farm house on February 13, 1977. This was the beginning of a 36 year partnership with her husband. Together, they started a new life. One of the first things that they did together, was to build their own house. Cindy was a carpenter and stone mason extraordinaire. To this happy marriage came two children, Jennifer and Jasper. She was a devoted mother and teacher and by the time the kids were pre-kindergarten, they could read and write, all made possible through her efforts. She supported their education until both graduated from College with degrees in German and Engineering. Cindy was a faithful wife, a devoted marriage companion, a fine friend and a loving mother. These were her Treats.
Cindy was always working. She had a varied and multi-facetted work history. She tassled corn, picked sweet corn, hoed beets, drove a beet topper, drove hay equipment, bucked and stacked hay, disced and harrowed plowed ground, set irrigation water, and milked a herd of cows on her, her brother's and her dad's farms. In addition to the outside work, she was a waitress at a Chinese restaurant, a pizza maker, a plant nursery worker, a farmer's market vendor and an Archaeological field excavator. She also planted and grew huge gardens, every year that she was able to. Her talents at learning and employing new skills were amazing. She was up before the sun and worked late into the evenings. These were part of the Treats in her life.
When Cindy had spare time, she liked to fish, hunt, collect rocks, gather wild foods and hike in the Owyhee desert uplands. She was a good cook, could set a proper camp, bait her own hook, clean fish, whittle a spoon from a branch and could live in the wilds for weeks on a time without help. She enjoyed working on genealogy, photography, doing bead work, putting together 1000 piece puzzles and listening to music. She helped make Native American dance Regalia for her family. She enjoyed holidays and parties and always had the house decorated with the appropriate holiday decorations. Halloween, of course, being her favorite holiday, followed by Christmas. She liked holiday lights. These were definitely treats.
In 2004, Cindy, after a series of incidents, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Her life and her world began to crumble into the mire of dementia, from which she would never recover. She was cared for at her home, by her family, for nearly 9 years, until she succumbed to this insidious disease. This was the Trick in the trick or treat.
(Survivors)Cindy is survived by her cows, her husband of 36 years, William J. Nance; two loving daughters, Jennifer (Derrick Czarnecki) and Jasper Nance; a new granddaughter, Isabelle Kiyana; her mother, Fay; brothers, Randy(Joyce) Sedlacek and Gary (MaryAnn) Sedlacek; a sister, Beckey Johnson and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her father, Henry Sedlacek, Jr., and three infant sisters.
If anyone should ask, "Where is Cindy?" The answer is "she is not here, she is out with the cows."
A celebration of Cindy's life will be scheduled and announced in the future. No flowers or other memorials are requested.
Great Creator
As the great eagle soars into the heavens, please let him accompany those souls who have most recently left us. See them safely to the beyond and guide them swiftly and truly. For those who have departed this world, May the Creator accept their spirits into his realm, May the grandfathers and grandmothers be there to welcome them, May they walk in beauty once again. For those who have left us, May their songs be sung for those who have remained behind, May their stories be remembered and proudly told by their families, May they be there to greet us when we arrive. For those who still walk among the living, May their minds be stilled and their hearts content, May they dwell in love and comfort in their days, May they have a warm place by the fire and a full bowl, For those who give of themselves to others, May they find support when they stumble, May they find the strength to carry on, May they find peace in their hearts. For the children and those who come after, May they become kind in their ways, May they remember those who have gone before, May they have the courage to live honorable lives. Oh, Great Creator, we humbly ask that you look upon us with pity and help us to bear our burdens. We hurt. Please send a ray of light to help us see in our hour of darkness. Please heal our spirits and make us strong so we can complete our tasks. Help us to see the beauty that surrounds us. Please give us a sweet taste and not let us become bitter. We ask this for the people who have lost their way, for the people who must guide the way for them, for our children and for the children of our children. This we humbly ask. Arrangements are under the direction of Cremation Society of Idaho.

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Published in Idaho Press Tribune on July 14, 2013