Mary Jane "Janie" Heath(1946 - 2013)

In Loving Memory of Janie Mary Jane Heath, Sixty Seven, born on July Twenty Fifth Nineteen Forty Six at Saint Luke’s Hospital here in Boise Idaho, a beautiful woman in spirit and appearance, sadly passed on May Fifteenth Two Thousand Thirteen to be with her sister Karen Marie Dorris and her Mother Betty Lou McCutchen with God in Heaven. They are together surrounded by his love and grace, this we do believe. God is Good. Janie fought a hard fight with Pancreatic cancer, but ultimately lost. She was a courageous, cooperative, and a sweet patient which extended her life. Her doctors, fast acting Dr Montamat, her general physician who saw her illness when others could not, with Saint Luke’s. Her talented surgeon Dr Traverso who did her Whipple Procedure with Saint Luke’s. Her gentle Oncologist Dr Alurri who gave her chemo treatments and hope, with the Misty Center at Saint Luke’s. Her skilled Oncologist who treated her with Chemo and Radiation Dr Picozzi with the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle. They worked to their best abilities to overcome the cancer. They along with the help of many other doctors and nurses sadly fell short of curing her. We thank them for their skilled efforts and kindness.
Janie passed away in her beautiful home, where she always wanted to, just at a much older age, on Cartwright road. She never made it to the tree lined Green Belt where she walked her dog Cowboy. She had plans to move along the Boise river when she could no longer handle the Horse ranch. We watched her beautiful green eyes turn slate grey, lighter and lighter. Her skin became thinner and thinner, looking like her mother’s. Her spirit stronger and stronger for Janie was an optimist to the end.
She was able to see the good and positive. This ability helped her in many difficult situations throughout her life and ours, for she was only a phone call away. We will miss talking to her, complaining about things in our lives. We always felt better after we talked. She is missed, truly.
Janie received excellent around the clock care from her Hospice Nurses especially Wanda Jo, who was kind and knowledgeable, sharing her skilled experience with her family. Janie’s in home care givers from Comfort Keepers especially Ginger, who’s father called her his ginger snap, was and is awesome. Ginger was very kind and gentle to Janie and could joke around with her in a Cowgirl way. Her social worker Julie and her Chaplin Liz both from Hospice helped Janie and us tremendously. They both were great to talk and listen to. Janie received great care and companionship from her cousin Lynne during her two month stay in Seattle at Virginia Mason. Lynne is very loving, strong and smart. Janie received tremendous love and comfort from her niece Dana for many years up to the day she passed. Dana was her most trusted relative and friend . This relationship was mutually beneficial for Janie gave back. Dana was there for Janie when others were not. Sad but true. Joan reassured Janie throughout the years that many families had their problems, “Janie, you are not alone in this situation, stay strong like you naturally are.”
Janie helped many, for she was strong and tough when she had to be. She cared for her Sister, Mother, Her Mother’s long time Friend Collen, and her Father when they were ill, Dana returned her gift. They both have Lulu’s inner strength and “rose to the occasion” when others could not. At home, Janie could look out onto the Boise foothills, “Janie’s foothills as her children referred to them. Jainie had five children, not all by birth, but by blood, for she took care of her sister’s kids as her own, She promised her sister Karen, a wonderful Artist and mother, that she would and she kept her promise. We thanked her often for this and once again. Thank you Nanie.
Looking out her picture windows, she might see the beautiful Bullock’s Oriole nesting in a tree just outside the back porch or an American Robin pulling up worms after a rain storm. Brewer’s Blackbirds, European Starlings and the House Sparrows all made nests and raised their young around the property. Their songs, loud and proud . We still feed them for Janie. A Great Horned Owl liked to sit up high in a tree down by the shop. We all heard this owl the morning she passed. Morning Doves and Mountain Quail took shelter under the Pine, Fur, and Spruce trees from the Red- tailed, Sharp-shinned and Swains’s Hawks who hunted all around the place. We all have to eat after all. Mule deer does with their young can be seen from these same windows along with Coyotes who’s howls raise the goose flesh at night. A silver fox made its home just down by the road, beautiful and wild.
Janie was quick to call the sherif if she spotted poachers around the place. The sherif to back up her thirty eight which she carried . She had great respect for animals and did not like them destroyed. Once we saved a beautiful Barn Owl after it was struck by a Red-tailed Hawk. We took it down to the Birds of Pray Rescue Center here in Boise . She has a lasting friendship with a gopher snake who she rescued from harm. She said the snake thanked her in a way only a snake can. I believed her.
One of our favorite prayers, much needed at times, GOD grant me the SERENITY to accept the things, I cannot change COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.
Janie grew up in South Boise living at 1806 Grant street with her big sister Karen, and their parents Betty Lou and James Cackett (the best auto mechanic in Boise) Jim was a Sargent in the army and fought in world war two and Korea. Their “little Butterfly” grew up with out much money. Gravy over toast and and a kind of spaghetti called goulash were a mainstay. Jainie loved Best Food Mayonnaise, Tuna fish sandwiches were her favorite.
She later lived at 1800 Grant street, right next door, where her grand parents had lived when she was a child . Her sister lived at 1806 with her four children which made a big family. Jim or poppy owned the two properties at that time. Janie lived with her then husband John Holbrook who would take every body camping and fishing. He is a fantastic story teller. He would tell Ghost stories that scared us all . We all fished for Brook and rainbow Trout and enjoyed the great Idaho outdoors.
Little Nanie as she was called, was an animal lover at a young age, bringing home strays and hoping to keep them. she had many pets including a pony which she learned to ride on and developed her love for horses. She enjoyed this love of animals and their unconditional love that they gave back to her, her whole life, especially during challenging times.
Betty Lou, a strong believer in Christian Science, taught her to fish and appreciate God’s love and nature. LuLu as Betty Lou was known to her grandchildren taught us all to fish and know god for his work is all around us. God is Good. We spent many a day down on the Boise river fishing and skipping rocks. She was a great mother and grandmother. We love her still. Latter Nanie rode her horse across the Broadway bridge over the Boise river to go riding, she told me this many times.
She graduated from Boise High in Nineteen Sixty Four as Mary Jane Lewis, Married to her first husband Joe Lewis who went to Vietnam for his country. They enjoyed a special friendship which waxed and waned over her life time and was rekindled towards the end. She was Joe’s friend when she died. They went on many adventures which she enjoyed. Joe loves Janie very much.
She then married John Holbrook a Deer, Elk and Bear hunter and Great fisherman with whom she had her daughter Jennifer. Jennifer later gave Janie two special gifts Cassidy (cass) and Carson (car car), who she was very proud of and were much loved. Carson spent many hours up at Nana’s hunting lizards, Blue belly Swifts enjoyed the freedom of her place if they could avoid Minnie the Mouser and Carson. Cassidy a local star basketball player would practice her skills up on the hill at Nana’s. They both loved their Nana very much, this Janie knew.
Janie then Married Mike Walsh who proceeded jaine’s death a few years earlier. Mike was a firefighter and Intellectual who’s knowledge came from reading. Mike was a math wiz, His weakness was alcohol. This weakness was shared with a few of her husbands, no fault of hers. Mike loved Janie very much.
Janie then married Dean Hobdy a smart man, another math wiz. They enjoyed the outdoors and being together. They went on many adventures around the west, Arizona one of their favorites. They went to New York City to visit family and take in a few shows and to see the lights on Broadway. They enjoyed the American Natural History Museum the most. Paris, to see the Eiffel Tower and taste the French food. New Orleans in February to experience Mardi Gras, what fun they had. Dean loved Janie very much. They lived on Pierce Park Lane, Janie’s first house in the foothills. Marco her Palomino was born there. Near their house a pond, alive with Bull Frog, Box Turtle, Yellow and Black Salamander, Dragon fly and Butterflies, Janie’s favorite, They all have great spiritual power and symbolic meaning. The Butterfly the symbol of new life, letting go of old cycles and finding your true inner expression . Go forth with Joy.
Janie was a hard worker, professionally and around the house and property. She worked for Boise Cascade for nearly Thirty years in Human Resources and was manager of the employee information systems. There she enjoyed a good and long friendship with Lynda Lynn and others. Lynda Lynn was a true friend to Janie, helping her in her times of need. A good friend who she would email and call long after the Boise Cascade days. We are glad Janie had Lynda Lynn in her life.
Janie went on to co own and run H and H Utility Contractor’s in Meridian Idaho with her then husband Gordon Heath. Janie’s integrity contributed to the business and made it reputable and successful. Together they built their home on Cartwright road complete with a stable and pasture for her Marco and Sue. Janie enjoyed many vacations with Gordon bringing Jennifer and her family along with them like cruses to Mexico and Alaska where they fished for King Salmon and Snow Crab enjoying the beautiful vistas. They all went to Hawaii, snorkeling in the surf and walking the beaches for Janie was a generous Mother.
“If you forget to pray for the angels, they will forget to pray for you.” from a song by Lenard Cohen.
In her Later life, Janie truly enjoyed riding her horse Marco, a beautiful palomino with her dear friends Marva, Jane, Alasya and Coralee in the foot hills where the Deer do play. They would share stories and secrets along the way, the way girls do. They are true friends, bringing food and comfort to her and her family in her last weeks. The Yellow Rose blooming and the wild onions sprouting would mark their spring time adventures. Jane the leader for she had the most experience, would guide them all the way to the Frog ponds, which can be viewed from Janie’s. She had a very large back yard, after all, It is “Big Sky Country” Sage brush and Grasses filled the air with their sweet aromas. The yellow short stalked “sunflowers” which only Marva Knew their true name, would bring smiles to all. They would ride their familiar trails down by Dry Creek admiring the Cotton Wood, Willow and Locus Trees with anticipation for what they might see, never knowing what they might come across. Once they ventured upon a badger hissing and growling trying to make it self look big and tough, they calmly rode on by leaving it to it’s natural ways, for the badger too is one of God’s creations along with the deer, hawks, horses, dogs and us.
Found letters to her, In her mother’s ( Betty Lou ) hand:
The Scientific Statement of Being:
There is no life, Truth, nor Substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation, for God is All - in - All. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, man is His image and likeness, therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.
“Trust: Strive not to stretch your human hands to save your child from all earths dangers and alarms. He is surrounded by God’s angel hosts; about him are the everlasting arms. Fear not because he dwells beyond your sight, You need not touch his hand nor see his face. His father see’s him, his beloved son, touched only by His glory and His grace.” Mary Baker Eddy from the Christian Science Journal.
In times of unrest, Janie would remind us of, Ephesians 4:32 “ be kind to one another, tenderhearted forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Forgiveness is for the forgiver to give you peace.
Janie is survived by Daughter Jenifer Lynne Tiegs a house wife and husband Mick a Chiropractor and their loving daughter Cassidy Lee Tiegs who is a talented and smart athlete and loving son Carson Jake Tiegs a good student and lover of nature. Loving niece Dana Louise Erwin Westberg a successful Hair Dresser truly friendly and a joy to go to and her loving daughter Jessica K. Marie Schulgen a talented and smart young woman earning her college degree and her loving son Nicholas Richard Schulgen a smart young man who enjoys sports and natures gifts especially fishing. Loving niece Kristin Denice Oppenheim a successful Fine Artist in New York City and her loving daughter Erin Joy Carden a smart talented writer going to Bard College. Loving nephew John Robert Erwin, a successful remodelling contractor in Olympia Washington, one of the top fifty in the United States and his loving daughter Alexis Jean Erwin a smart and thoughtful young woman going to High School. Loving nephew Erik James Oppenheim Artist and skilled Carpenter and his loving nephew Tiewan Ramsy McMillian a smart and gentle Boy living in Brooklyn. Loving cousin Lynne LeCouvre a smart and successful woman, mother and grand mother and truly kind. Her loving sons Rory and Brett LeCouvre and loving Daughter Laura LeCouvre Goodell. Loving cousin Molly Wryn a kind and sincere woman, mother, and grand mother living in California and her Loving Talented daughter Emily Wryn an up and coming “Rock Star” with a strong and sweet voice. and her loving children Sophia and Lincoln Bioley. Many loving cousins and great cousins form Her uncle Wade, Tara, Robin, Julie, Lenny, Chip, Marta and Mark, Sandra and George, Debbie and Charles
Janie’s much loved animals: Sue and Marco her horses, Cowboy “the best dog” and Sadie her dogs, Minnie “the mouser” and Maggie “mag pie” her cats They will continue to be cared for and loved.
Proceeding Janie’s Death her dearest Mother Betty Lou McCutchen, Father James House Cackett, Sister Karen Marie Dorris, Aunt Jean and uncle Earl Millenchamp, Uncle Wade Fleatwood, and too many others.
Animals: Princess, Daisy, Blacky, Frieda, Solo, Bridgett and Barron, Tuffy, Panda, Tramp. Sadie, and Tucker the wonder Dog. Many others, a Red Eared Slider Turtle included.
A memorial service officiated by Reverend Elizabeth Ryder, will be held on June 15th 2013 at 10 am in the Chapel at Cloverdale Cemetery located at 1200 Cloverdale road, Boise, Idaho. A Reception follows. A celebration of life party for Janie will be held for friends and family by invitation.
Janie leaves a legacy of love and kindness and helped support many charities like The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Idaho Food Bank, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries, Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Safe Place Ministries and others.
In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in memory of Mary Jane Heaths name to The Idaho Human Society 4775 Dorman Street Boise Idaho and Saint Luke’s Health Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research/ M.S.T.I. Patient Assistance 190-E Bannock, Street Boise, Idaho.

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Published in Idaho Statesman on June 11, 2013