J. Frank Jordon

JORDON, J. Frank

Big Band Leader and music arranger, J. Frank Jordan, passed away on Christmas night after a long and exciting 88 years of living, laughing and loving. Smile a little when you think of him playing his saxophone with St. Peter and the other musicians at the Pearl Bailey gates. He will be remembered throughout the L.A. Pasadena area and Palm Springs by many who shared his love of music, hard work and laughter. Born in Boston Mass, he moved his family to the L.A. area in the early 50s following Route 66. Family members who carry on his DNA include daughters Lindy McNamara and Patti Cordon, son Bob Erwin, brother Nick Jordan, sister Eleanor Jordan Kapala, grandchildren Michelle Stemig and Leif Jordan, several great-grandchildren and many very close friends all of whom take a little piece of his life lessons into their own lives. Thanks Daddy for everything you've meant to all of us.

Published in Pasadena Star-News on Feb. 9, 2013