Frances Suzanne Chase

BALDWIN -- There really can be no doubt. As Frank Sinatra said, "She did it her way." Till the end. At 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 7, Frances Suzanne Chase, in true Franny fashion, at her own pace and in her own time, quietly passed away. She was preceded in going to glory by the love of her life and husband, Jack Dewain Chase, and her beloved golden, Rosie, who welcomed her as this life ended and another began.

The most profound keepers of her memory are her first born son, the New York Boy, Domenick D'Ercole and his partner, who mom always refered to as "Saint Frank," Frank Moretti; the middle son, the glue and brother's keeper, Victor D'Ercole Jr., his amazing wife, Alexandra D'Ercole, and the cutest little peanut of a granddaughter, Guiliana D'Ercole; the youngest son, the one who kept mom the most on her toes, the artist, Thomas D'Ercole; and as was always said, "waiting till she got it right," her last treasure, her daughter, Rose Marie D'Ercole, with whom she spent the last two years with as her primary caregiver and original partner in crime. Also carrying her memory will be her devoted pups, Annie and Lovie, and her furball of a cat, Inky.

After her marriage to Jack, the family circle grew exponentially with the Tates, Mike and Kathy, and the grounded and very supportive granddaughters, Emily and Jeanette Tate.

Two more that need mentioning, as they were there through so much of her life, are Uncle Randy Stehle, the scientist and unparalleled jazz and 45 enthusiast, and Sue McConnell, her friend and co-pilot with Jack when they drove to pick up Mom after 9/11.

Please also see our Tribute page in this Lake County Star for Celebration of Life information as well as charities in the community that mom loved and supported or needed, ushering her into moving from this life to the next.

Published in The Lake County Star on June 21, 2018