Todd Lindblom

Dec. 7, 1952 - Jan. 3, 2013
Todd Lindblom passed away unexpectedly from natural causes in his home in Albuquerque on Jan. 3, 2013. He had just celebrated his 60th birthday. Todd was born in Los Alamos on Dec. 7, 1952 to Norine Brane Lindblom and Norman Lindblom, who both preceded him in death. Todd graduated from Los Alamos High School in 1971 and a few years later attended UNM where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography, a craft he also learned from his father. Photographers often choose to film early in the morning or late in the afternoon during "magic hour." But Todd believed that everything had its own magic hour, and that it could happen at any time. Todd was a creative person.
He delivered a eulogy for his mother Norine only a few months earlier and in his speech he thanked his mom and dad for encouraging him to pursue a life that "allows for growth through invention, creating and making stuff." He had enormous patience for the creative process, but perhaps not enough for the business of promoting oneself as an artist.
His creativity extended to another passion-fishing. He would spend hours weekly tying flies on the smallest hooks possible, and then whenever he could he would fish the lakes and rivers of northern New Mexico. His favorite spots were the San Juan, Fenton and Canjilon. He would fish the Rio with his brother David and patiently try to teach him how to catch fish as well.
For the last decade of Todd's life he was particularly devoted to supporting the human rights of the Palestinian people and all people. He helped in a number of efforts to educate and inform people about ways they could compel our government to treat Palestinians fairly and equally. He is described as "a humble, giving, dedicated human rights activist and dear friend to many" and a "sweet, sweet man, very quiet and soft spoken" who "always showed up, always." Sometimes Todd's companion was solitude wherein he pursued his creativity. But people say of Todd that he always made them feel welcome and at home at social gatherings. He was deeply aware of other people's feelings.
Todd worked the early morning set-up crew for UPS at the airport in Albuquerque and loved the 49ers.
He is survived by his brother David Lindblom and sister-in-law Sandy Krolick; Uncle Ed Lindblom; Aunt Marjorie Belew; many beloved cousins in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Raton and Cloudcroft, and in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland and New Hampshire, and his many friends in the peace movement and at work.
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Published in Los Alamos Monitor from Jan. 27 to Jan. 29, 2013