Avrum (Ab) Bornfeld

1934 - 2013
Dr. Avrum (Ab) Bornfeld, noted local artist and retired dentist, was born in Newark, New Jersey. He studied at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, continued his undergraduate studies at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and earned his DDS degree at USC. Bornfeld and wife Terri settled in Ventura. He practiced dentistry for two decades and retired at age 50 to pursue his life-long passion for art. Bornfeld produced hundreds of paintings, etchings and metal sculpture, won several art competitions, exhibited in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and in San Francisco. Ab studied the Master artists he admired, and soon recognized a kindred spirit in the work of Giorgio Morandi. In the early 1980s, little was written in English about the late Italian artist, so Bornfeld translated articles from Italian, German and French publications. He traveled to Italy to study Morandi's art and interview the people who knew him. Ab wrote two biographies about the artist: "Seventy Shades of Green" and "The Flowers of Giorgio Morandi." His English translations of the Catalogo Generale were published by the Morandi Museum in Bologna. Ab passed away at his home in Ventura on April 17 at age 78. Married 32 years to second wife Debra McKillop, he is also survived by his children Joni Moffett, Sandy Bornfeld, Dan Bornfeld, grandson Alex Hurlbut, and brothers Michael and Stephen and their families.

Published in the Los Angeles Times on May 5, 2013