Jamie Thomas Andrusyk

Jamie Thomas Andrusyk
September 2, 1977 to March 21, 2013
Remembering Our Jamie
His Smile and Laugh,
His Hugs - His Passions
When Jamie was five he drew a picture that
showed what he wanted to be when he
grew up. There was a little boy standing in
a fenced in pasture, with a dog, a horse and
cows. He was quite concerned though
because he also wanted to be a Chef.
You have to understand,
Jamie had been passionate about
food from the moment of his birth.
I explained how he could have it all
if he moved closer to a city - like Regina.
We did not know it at the time,
but this was to be his Bucket List.
Instead of becoming a chef,
Jamie realized that more than anything,
he wanted to be a Fireman.
At work he was happy to learn from
some of the best and his firefighting and
culinary skills just got better and better.
A Fireman and Food - check
Then a beautiful SPCA adoption followed
His dog, Dane - check
An acreage was purchased
Land - check
Love was found with Lisane
and they filled their lives and home
with three beautiful children
Big Bonus! check check
Four horses - check
Two more dogs - check
I often thought about that picture
and we would talk about it.
He had decided not to have cattle early on
and it was the only thing not checked off.
His neighbor, Ty, unknowingly fulfilled that
wish by inviting him to a penning
workshop. He was hooked and learnt even
more about training his horses.
Jamie was in his element and
he would help out at cattle drives
and brandings giving his 110%.
Cows - check
His list was complete.
We will miss you forever Jamie.
Maybe someday we will only think of you
with joy, not sorrow - But - if I could
change anything in his picture,
it would include a drawing of Jamie
and Lisane, holding hands, surrounded
by their children, grandchildren and dogs.
The sun would be setting over the pasture
where the horses grazed.
He would take a moment to remember me,
and softly whisper,
"Mom, look at that sunset".
How I wish that was the way his life
had played out.
Those who knew Jamie will remember
him in those moments when memories
are jogged - those of us who
were lucky enough to love and be loved by
him, will carry Jamie in our hearts forever

Published in The Regina Leader-Post on Mar. 21, 2014