Marion Dale Brown(1934-2013)

Marion Dale Brown was born on August 5, 1934 in Nevina, Oklahoma to Mervin and Ethel Brown.  He passed away on July 1st at 11:50 pm at Lodi Memorial Hospital. He has a younger brother (by two years) named Mervin Glen Brown (married to Geneva Brown). From there the family moved to Kingfisher, then Cashion, OK where he spent the first six years of his life. In 1941 the family moved to Kentfield, then San Rafael, California. From there they moved to Vallejo, then Stockton in 1947. He joined the Marines in 1951 and served until 1954. He worked for the federal government in 1955 at Long Beach Naval Shipyard as an apprentice and then master electrician. Briefly, in 1960-61, he was on the Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles County. He returned to the shipyard but in 1968 was transferred to El Toro Marine Base from which he retired as an electrician doing electronic maintenance in May, 1983.  He married twice: first to Phyllis then Carmela in 1983. He had two girls when married to Phyllis:  Tami and Tari.  Tari (married to Michael Kuhn) is mother to Dustin Kuhn and Austin Kuhn), and grandmother to Zoë (mother Brittney Johnson, father Dustin Kuhn). He was a rockhound and small business owner selling agates and related materials for 40 years. He was a skin-diver, devotee of marshal arts (Aikido), voracious reader, amateur cook, and 35 gal. blood donor. His ashes will be dispersed off Pier 39 in San Francisco through Neptune Society on July 14, 2013. Contributions can be made in his name to the Boys and Girls Club of Lodi for which he taught Lapidary in the 80s and early 90s.

Published in Lodi News-Sentinel from July 10 to July 17, 2013