George C. Dietsch

George C. Dietsch

MARION: George C. Dietsch, age 92, of Marion died February 10, 2013 at Kingston Manor in Marion. A memorial service will be held February 23 at 1030 a.m. at Prospect Street Methodist Church. A reception will follow.

Born August 10, 1920, he is survived by his wife, Betty (Mattix) Dietsch; his sister, Gertrude "Trudy" Galloway; four children (Neil, Jeanne, Terry, and Scott); and six grandchildren.

George was well known to farmers who raised livestock in Marion and surrounding counties during the 50 years after World War II. In the aftermath of the Great Depression and the loss of the family farm, George left high school to work at the Fostoria Serum Company, located east of the current Whirlpool plant in Marion, Ohio. After serving his country in World War II, he returned to the livestock business. From the early 1950s he was manager of the Marion Stock Yards until 1977. By that time he had taken an equity interest in the chain of stockyards owned, by Ward Livestock Company and was the company's president. He sold the business to Heinold Hog Market, continuing to work for them until 1981. He would continue to stay active in the local livestock business as a cattle buyer until he retired in 1996 at the age 75.

George was at least a third-generation member of Prospect Street Methodist Church. His grandfather's name (also George) is emblazoned in stained glass there, marking a time when the church's membership consisted largely of German-speaking farmers. Among the first families of Marion, local Dietsch ancestors can be traced back to Jean Michael Dietsch who came to Marion County prior to 1820. The pre-depression Dietsch properties included farmland in what is now the Chateau Ridge development west of route 529.

George is remembered as someone who possessed the intelligence and persistence that made him a successful businessman. At the same time exhibited a blend of wisdom, caring, humility, and humor that inspired his children and earned the respect of those who knew him.

Published in the Marion Star on Feb. 19, 2013