Edna Hannah Jones

Edna Hannah Jones (June 6, 1938- February 15, 2012 ) Edna Hannah Jones, 73, of Flourtown, PA, died peacefully and in comfort of complications of lung cancer at Bishop White Lodge, Cathedral Village, Roxboro, PA, on February 15, 2012. She was born on June 6, 1938 at Corrigan Maternity Hospital in Hazelton, PA, the daughter of Mable E. Jones and Earl M. Jones, and the half-sister of Becky and Bobbie, each 20-30 years her senior. She graduated from Hazelton Senior High School in 1956 and from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, in 1960, with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and minors in History, Psychology and Sociology. She was employed as an assistant editor at Ware Brothers Publishing Company, Philadelphia, PA from 1960-1961, and subsequently at Chilton Company, Magazine Divisions and Book Division, Radnor, PA, where she was Editorial Assistant (1961-1963), Associate Editor (1963-1965), Associate Managing Editor (1965-1969), Manager of Editorial Production (1969-1973), Production Manager (1973-1976), Manager of Editing and Design (1976-1987), and Managing Editor (1987-1997). In her capacity as Managing Editor, she was responsible for publishing 50-55 books per year, managing a $3 million annual budget and an in-house staff of six editors and designers and forty editorial and production freelance suppliers, and she received frequent awards for design and editorial excellence from industry associations. It was at Chilton that Edna met Ralph Affleck, an artist and graphic designer who lost his wife in 1979, after which Edna and Ralph became constant weekend companions from 1979 until 1991 when Ralph died at the age of 84. Edna then purchased Ralph's home and moved from Hazelton to Flourtown, where she lived from 1991 until 2011, when she moved to Bishop White Lodge. During the 1990's Edna was a tutor in the Adult Literacy Program at the YMCA in Ambler, PA, and subsequently was a children's reading tutor with the A+ Tutoring Company in Jenkintown, PA. Stemming from her longstanding interest in history, she became a longtime member and elected Board Member of the Springfield Township Historical Society, for which she assumed the responsibility for the society's publicity and public relations. She also served as a patroller and week captain in the Flourtown Town Watch. In 2003 Edna joined the Unitarian Society of Germantown, where she rapidly made many friends and became involved in many activities and committees of the church, including serving as a member of the Board of Trustees, Chair of the Administrative Council, member of the Building and Grounds Committee, and member of the Caring Committee. She worked with others to discover, organize and sell to the Massachusetts Historical Society a valuable collection of historical documents, referred to as Unitariana. She also served as Editor of the monthly Communicator newsletter. In recognition of this outstanding service, she received a Congregational Award from USG on May 17, 2008. In February, 2011, Edna acutely developed neurological symptoms for which she was admitted to Bryn Mawr Hospital, where she was diagnosed with lung cancer and brain metastases. Following months of successful palliative chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she made a gradual and courageous transition to hospice care, and provided her devoted friends an exemplary role model in her confrontation with death. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, March 2, 6pm at the Unitarian Society of Germantown, 6511 Lincoln Drive, Philadelphia. All are invited to a supper at the church following the service. Craft of Erdenheim

Published in Montgomery Newspapers on Feb. 24, 2012