Brandon Porter

NEWTON, North Carolina

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I miss you so much.I have sit at your grave and talk to you so many times.I know you know the pain I feel.Loi tells me everyday to let the pain go that you are in a better place but I cant.I cry so hard.My life will never be the same.I miss you and love you so much!!I cant rest untill your in my arms again.My heart and chest is hurting so bad right now.Take this pain away.I love you Brandon Porter.You are my air and its so hard to to take a breath .Love you

I still don't want to believe it! Why you b, I still get on fb, everyday and your the first person on my chat list bc we talked so much, you were my go to person for everything, we would get on there and talk for hrs about everything, you always new how to make me feel better, now when I see your name and pic off to the side it makes me cry and makes me so sad bc all I want to do is talk to you, I know you can hear me but its just not the same, I need a response b, I want one of your hugs and...

I still can't believe this.. He was a light in mine and my kids life. He taught my son to pray before dinner and helped me get back in church. I know he was a blessing as much in others lives as he was in mine. Now he belongs to God. You will always be with us.

missing u sweetie

(Carrie Shields-Howell)

I cannot believe it. ... but The Lord Loves Us All. Always Blessed and He Will Never Forsake Us.

wow....God sure does have one spectacular and amazing are truly missed and will never be forgotten. i know your lookin down on us lighting up the world with that so precious smile. i love you BP....

Ima send this one in rememberance of a person who wanted so much in life, and not negative things, or trouble, he wanted things that were worth having in this world. while he struggled often, he stayed positive and in more than just good spirits. I cant tell you how many times we prayed together! we've cried , we've laughed, we loved , and we had fallen ... but we always got back up. God has a plan,and be that i dont quite understand it at this particular moment in time, i know i gotta...

Brandon~ from the bottom of my heart, i love you! we were besties even if we went a couple months without communication. everytime we got back up it was like it was just the other day , not some odd months. im struggling worse today than i was four days ago.. does that make sense?? if i stop i cry. i can only wish that the condolences i send your family and loved ones and friends as I, will help heal , maybe not today, or tomorrow , but in time.. Time is the answer to everything brandon... It...

Brandon ill never forget the day I got the news I felt my heart just break.. Imade you a promise when I left hickory and I am going to continue to carry it out. I loved you dearly and always will. I will always be there for your mom and niece.. I hate I can't fly back to make it to your funeral but I will always have a piece of you with me.. I will never forget your laugh, hug, kiss, or smile!


Brandon's Obituary

Brandon Porter passed away in NEWTON, North Carolina. The obituary was featured in Hickory Daily Record on April 29, 2013.