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Loved all of his work...and loved the man. He will always be greatly missed. Loved you, Mr. Robertson and thank you for all you gave of yourself. Wish I could have known you for even one second.
Janis Alberts (Ohio)

Troy Coker Rest in peace cowboy

Didn't know that Mr. Dale Robertson went to Heaven to be with GOD until a few months ago. Some of the things I remember about Dale were: wouldn't let his personality change for others or for the role that he played; He was honest, loyal, straight shooter who always did the right thing, courteous, always thought of others, etc. Thank you for your service to Our Great Country. R.I. P. Dale. Hope that you, your horse Jubole and your dog, continue to ride the Trails in Heaven. Even though...

He was one of the greatest cowboys still watch him on tales of Wells Fargo. Rip

It is with a sad heart to read that Mr. Dale Robertson is in heaven. I am heart broken because I love everything I have seen him act and am now watching his "Tales of Wells Fargo". I watch them over and over again. What a fantastic actor he was. Besides being very handsome I love listening to his voice. What class and grace he had and now he is sharing all of that in his new home. I don't know if our newspaper printed an obituary article in it because I do not recall seeing an...

Love watching him on Tales of Wells Fargo One of the Best ever

I will missed you. Rest in Peace.

my favorite cowboy best looking cowboy still grieving for him


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