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I loved to watch him act, especially on Well Fargo show.

I have been a fan of Dale Robertson for many years, but mostly from his later work as guest star in tv shows, etc. It is just recently that I have been able to see him in Tales of Wells Fargo, thanks to the Westerns channel. I have also seen many of his movies and Iron Horse now. Having seen his earlier work, I have become an even greater fan. Such a terrific actor who had a beautiful smile and soft caring eyes. Based on things I've read that people who knew him wrote, I wish I could have had...

I wasa told dale had relatives in sacramento, a hardware store, and that he married into gibson family from Kansas? Gibson members are blood relatives of Daniel boone, rip, tales of the union pacific

Dale Robertson to me was a wonderful actor, singer and gentle man with a wonderful life to admire. I really loved the man and thought he was the best. Dale was also very handsome. Love you Dale and
will always remember you.

An all time favorite. ish there were more like him. RIP

Loved all of his work...and loved the man. He will always be greatly missed. Loved you, Mr. Robertson and thank you for all you gave of yourself. Wish I could have known you for even one second.
Janis Alberts (Ohio)


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