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Daniel W. Wray

Chicago, Illinois

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Dearest Dan. How appropriate to "light a candle" for you. The "candles" you have given to so many of us not only light our way down the road, but through life as well. You are remembered and cherished!

Dan's legacy and helping others continues to live on. Reading his posts on Rennlist concerning a headlight problem, he listed a common wire failure area. When I checked my wiring, sure enough it was broken exactly where he said. I had to look up to the sky, give a thumbs up and laugh. Thanks Dan. And condolences to his family who also sacrificed some of their time with him to allow him to help others. With as many posts that he made, his wife deserves the "Medal Of Honor" in...

My condolences. Dan was a knowledgable and respected member of Rennlist and he will be missed.

I just found out about Dan's passing... :( I will always think of him fondly, and this news has hit me so hard. :( I recall when I had trouble with his amazing "IceShark" headlight system on a car I bought; he was so helpful and kind, and gave me wonderful customer service on a product that was not even directly purchased from him. He made a great impression on me, and I wish to express my condolences, however belatedly, to his family.

I never got to meet Dan, but his help over the years through Rennlist was always timely and sincere. We've lost one of the good hearts in the rennlist community....rest in peace Dan...

I am truly stunned to hear of Dan's passing. He was a wonderful person. A true man of integrity and I am very glad to have known him if only through telephone, email and web forum contact. Rest in peace and know that you are missed.

Warmest Regards,

R. Max Lohman

I'm saddened at our loss of Dan. I am one of the Porsche community that valued his knowledge and skill. He was always a wealth of knowledge and was kind enough to take the time to share. His skill lives on in my car - and I'm very proud to have it there.

Best Regards,
Brian Young
Miami Beach, FL

I offer my deepest condolences to the family.

My condolances to the family. Dan was one of the good guys I had the chance to meet through Rennlist.


Daniel's Obituaries

Wray Daniel W. Wray, 53, of Hopkins. Complete notice Sunday, Oct. 2. Memorial service 1 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 8, Lake Harriet Christian Church, 5009 Beard Ave S., MplsThis obituary was originally published in the Star Tribune.