Derwood Crocker Jr.

Aurora And Ithaca, Ny, New York

Age 72

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I was just thinking of you, Derwood, and was going to get in touch when I got back from a trip to Michigan yesterday. Instead, I found you had passed away. Your wisdom, your patience, your skills with things no one knows how to do any more and your kind and gentle spirit will all be sorely missed. I hope I don't miss the announcment of when the memorial will take place because I want to be there. My heart goes out to Susan and all Derwood's other family, friends and those of us he mentored.

Derwood will always be in my heart and my home, everytime I play that drone on my beautiful hurdy-gurdy and every time the sweet sounds come forth on my little treble viol. It will be a different feeling now to play on those two very special instruments.

My sincere condolences to those that shared their life with him every day and will miss his gentle presence.

Derwood was my namesake and 1st cousin. I was named after his father before he was born. We lived on oposite sides of the country and never knew each other. We met one time in about 1962 when I did some military time. I always enjoyed "googeling" Derwood R Crocker because only two names showed up. My name with a bunch of old real estate web sites and my cousin with all of his fabulous musical acccomplishments.

My sincere respects to all.
Derwood Raymond Crocker (II)

My name is Linda Crocker and was once married to Derwood Crocker who's uncle was Derwood Crocker. I believe D. Crocker Jr was Derwood Crocker's son. My father-in-law was Ralph Crocker, who was Derwood seniors brother. I met Derwood Senior in 1973 and loved him. He told us of his family and his very talented son Derwood who created the most amazing musical instruments. My respects to all your family and sincere condolences.

What a guy was Derwood, with great humor and wit. He could make the most out of the least, of any artifact which was at hand.
Was he not supposed to last as long as the oldest instrument or boat he ever worked on?? Well, at least Historic Derwood will sail on in our memories, while playing on the strings of a lute.

"Derwood will be missed by many.
I have always found him to be a gentleman and consummate artisan.
I treasure the instruments that he made for me, and those that he modified to make more useful.
The world of early music has indeed, lost a friend.
His memory will live on through the instruments that he has given to the world."
- Paul Sherman

Considered my best friend for more than 45 years, he made an indelible mark on my life. We were planning a new harpsichord project only a few weeks ago.

I simply can't express in words the impact Derwood had on me as a craftsman. My time in the shop with him will be with me for the rest of my life. He will be greatly missed.

Derwood personified the best Aurora. Gentle. Smart. Thoughtful. Interesting. Clever. Practical...all with grand sense of humor. And oh so talented.


Derwood's Obituaries

Crocker, Derwood, Jr.Derwood Crocker, Jr., 72, of Aurora and Ithaca, NY, died peacefully in his sleep at home the night of Friday, June 8, 2012, in the company of his loving partner Susan Sandman. After studying at Exeter and Cornell University and a brief career in the family optometry business...

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