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Hammonton, New Jersey

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elijah allen

August 02, 2015

I love you and miss you....so much.

elijah allen

August 02, 2015

Miss you gramma...so much!

cleve and michelle hester

August 02, 2015

Remembering you and smiling...

cleve hester

August 02, 2015 | Bethlehem, PA

As we are all reminded of your passing we still feel a deep emptiness inside. But thinking of you always brings a smile to our faces as we think of you. Your daughter has remained strong but has moments when she needs to connect with you since she was so used to regular conversations with you. As her husband I try to help her to contend with the emptiness she feels. Although it's difficult, she manages to get through her sadness from day to day. But don't worry, I continually offer my...

August 02, 2015

Once again the anniversary of your passing is upon us and we still think of you daily and share memories that continue to make us all smile. As with all of us there still remains an emptiness...especially your daughter. But as her husband I try as best I can to help and support her since she was so used to regular conversations with you. Don't worry. She is in very good hands. I will always lend the support that is needed to help her get through the emptiness she feels without you. Love you.

July 31, 2015

rachel hester

May 31, 2015 | Atlantic City, NJ

I love you Grandma..miss you so much :(

your "mitchel"

March 08, 2015

You were healthy and happy! I miss you ever moment of everyday!

michelle hester

July 25, 2014 | Bethlehem, PA

It's been one year and I still miss you the same!


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