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Eric Christopher NESS

Lancaster, New York

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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year Eric, hope you had a great day........I can't believe it is 2018 already. Just had to drop by and wish you well, I love you my beautiful angel..........Love, Mom XOXOXO

Your Dylan Christmas Eve 2017

Mark, Jen, Aubrey, Ashley and Mason Christmas Eve 2017

Jenn and Camryn Christmas Eve 2017

Dylan Christmas Eve 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas Eric, we came to see you yesterday, brought you a tree and some lights and Bob had a shot with you. Last night we had our annual Christmas Eve fun and everyone had a good time. We got Dylan some $$ and some Issey Miyake cologne and he was a happy boy. Wow, did that cologne bring back memories of you, it smelled just like you! Kristin and Chris opened up last night and then this morning, Jenn and Tom came over and opened with Mark, Bob and I, we had a nice time. I hope you...

They turned out pretty good, I know you would approve. Today, I have to run to the store quick and then I'm back to baking.......I know you loved it when I was baking my Christmas cookies. I'd tell you what I got D for Christmas, but I know he goes on here and reads what I write, so I'll tell you after Christmas, or better yet, I'll let him tell you. His hockey team is doing really good, it seems like they are winning every game, and he is a really good defenseman, and he is so, so much...

Hey E, it's me Jennifer. I know it's not fair to ask you for so much but I haven't slept in weeks. I was gonna write on here sooner but I know mom checks it all the time and I didn't want her to worry about me. I can't sleep Er, I just lay in bed at night and cry into my pillow with the worst case scenarios running trough my head, I can't focus at work without staring at my phone waiting for mom to call me, I have anxiety attacks every day... because I feel like I'm losing our brother, our...

Happy Thanksgiving Eric, I love you so. I just got done putting the turkey in the oven and I'll be starting all my other cooking shortly. I know you have Melissa with you this year, so I know you will have a nice day. Sara and Dylan will be here for dinner and I know you will be watching over us. Fly high my sweet boy.......Love, Mom XOXOXO


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