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Eric Christopher NESS

Lancaster, New York

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Hey E, it's me Jennifer. I know it's not fair to ask you for so much but I haven't slept in weeks. I was gonna write on here sooner but I know mom checks it all the time and I didn't want her to worry about me. I can't sleep Er, I just lay in bed at night and cry into my pillow with the worst case scenarios running trough my head, I can't focus at work without staring at my phone waiting for mom to call me, I have anxiety attacks every day... because I feel like I'm losing our brother, our...

Happy Thanksgiving Eric, I love you so. I just got done putting the turkey in the oven and I'll be starting all my other cooking shortly. I know you have Melissa with you this year, so I know you will have a nice day. Sara and Dylan will be here for dinner and I know you will be watching over us. Fly high my sweet boy.......Love, Mom XOXOXO

Dylan Saints Squirts #3 November 2017

Hi honey, how are you? Boy, have I been missing you a lot lately, more than normal and that's a lot. I'm sure its just the time of the year with the holidays coming up, but I promise I will keep smiling for you and everyone else. I love you so. Take a look at this picture of your boy, Peggy put it on Facebook and I almost fell off my chair when I saw it, I thought I was looking at a picture of you. He's as handsome as you were, and he is such a good kid Eric, you would be so proud of...

Never have I missed you the way I miss you now, give me strength Eric, I need your help. I love you so much my beautiful boy, your brother has lost his way and I don't know how to help him.........pray for us. Love you so, Mom XOXOXO

Hi dad its me Dylan have not seen you in a while. I miss you plz take care of Aunt Melissa and GG want you to come and see me play at Depew ice rink with my new team for this year. love you. Your loving son Dylan.XOXOXO:)

Bills Tailgate Party 10-08-17

Good morning honey, it's October 21st. I put a picture on here of all the grandkids at our 2nd Annual Bills Tailgate Party we had on October 8th, it's amazing how big they are all getting. I'm sorry we don't see Addison, Eric, but it is not for lack of trying. I do get news on her once and a while, and I know that she is well taken care of and seems like a happy little girl, so that brings us some comfort. On October 28th, we're having our Fall Sleepover and we are going to Gordy's for...

Email from Local #71

Our newest AFSP Walker 2017

Hi Honey, it's another 21, and as usual, I dropped by to give you an update. On September 9th, we walked in your honor at the AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk in Delaware Park. We raised close to $1500 and hopefully helped someone from going through what we have all gone through. Eric, I have to tell you that we got a very big donation from the SheetMetal Workers Local 71 and I got an email from Ahren that will make you so proud. She wanted us to know what an impact you and what happened to...

Your loves.....Sara and Dylan Angola 2017


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