Harrison Stephen Kowiak

Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Hello Harrison and Kowiak Family:
Harrison, I saw your Mom on a video clip on my newsfeed. I don't know you nor you know me, but I lost my brother a month before you on the same year. He left this earth way too early as well. My Mom is Asian too and my brother is half Asian. I thought about my own Mom while listening to your Mom on the video clip and how hard it is still sometimes for her that her younger son is gone too. I hope you can say hello to my brother up there in heaven. His...

Dear Harrison,
I just saw your mom on TV and although we've never met I want to tell you that your story has touched my heart. I have a son who is in college now and I can only imagine how much your absence is felt by those who love you. Your mom is a very strong person and she is making sure that people will continue to get to know who you were for years to come. As someone who never knew you I feel your mom's pain, just seeing your pictures today I can sense that you were a wonderful...

Happy Valentine's Day! I still have the last e card you sent me for Valentine's Day in 2008. I miss you so much and think of you every day. Emma is getting so tall and into volleyball and now softball! Sometimes I see her do a mannerism or she shows a facial expression just like you did! It's funny how there are reminders of you everywhere.

Pops and I are doing okay, we will always love and miss you. Keep smiling Harrison.




Oh man how much has happened in the past few years. I miss you so much. I'm getting ready to graduate. It's so weird to think that it was only 4 years ago we were at graduation together. You were getting ready to go to China and me Lebanon. I miss you Buddha. Your mom said Emma wants to go to Wharton. I hope she gets to meet a great friend like you there. And have as much fun as we did there. I think she would love it. Especially, with Zayas still there and Mama 'R'.

Not a day goes by that i don't think of you. Your special smile, funny jokes and of course your singing in the car as we attempted to sing John Mayer songs!
I miss you so much son. You would be so proud of Emma, she made a club vollyball team, is playing for her
School and placed third for her first forensics competition!
We approach the third anniversary of your passing. Too early son and I ask why did it happen ? So senseless and so painful.


I am going to the Master's tomorrow. I think of you every single day. I wish you could go with me. I am sad...I miss you.

You all are on my mind and in my prayers today. Harrison's beautiful smile and legacy lives on. God bless you!

Dear Lianne. Brian, and Emma

Harrison lives on in thoughts and sites. The benches at his high school in Tampa will be a testament to the positive thoughts he generated when he played and practiced. The gift of him coaching the younger kids who did not know the sport will be remembered by those whom he touched. As I visited mom's grave in NY, I know that Harrison and grand mom Macy are hosting others "upstairs". I said a prayer for them. I am glad that Emma is a great...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kowiak and Emma,
I know that Harrison is in your thoughts today, as he has been throughout the year. He was dearly loved by many friends, and he has not been forgotten. My thoughts and prayers and with you today.


Harrison's Obituary

KOWIAK, Harrison Stephen, Kowiak, 19, of Tampa, passed away Tuesday, November 18, 2008, in Charlotte, N.C. He was born January 5, 1989, in Livingston, N.J., and moved to Livermore, Calif., during his middle school years and then Tampa for his high school years with his family. Harrison was a...

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