Herbert L. Pick Jr.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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I am very sad about Herb's death about which I just learned. I was a post-doc with him in 1966-67. We had good times, icluding a snow shoeing adventure on a frozen lake up north. We got lost as the topographical map was inaccurate because of a massive amount of snow. Herb, a bull of a man, said he was tired and we might have to dig beds for the night. I could see the headline "Four psychologists freeze to death in Northland." Luckily, we spotted our cabin just over "one...

Dear Anne and family,
Like so many others who have written, I write to thank Herb for his way of being. He was a model for so many, and exuded friendship as well. I miss him. And I send my condolences.

Dear Anne and family,
The news of Herb's death was both shocking and incredibly sad. He was truly a remarkable person and the world is a lesser place without him.
My memories of Herb are most extensive and vivid from our graduate school days. Like Elinor I found it impressive that he could find time to take Russian and be involved with computers (new fangled things at that time).Even more impressive than his academic activities was his willingness to do kind acts. Among...

I was assigned to Herb as my advisor when I came to the Institute in 1964. He suggested that I take the Perception course he was offering though the Psychology Department that quarter. I had taken Perception as part of an MA and hadn't liked it much, so I told him I had had it already. In that steadfast gentle way of his, he said I might nevertheless learn something new in his course. I did and I made a friend for life. Herb was one of those very rare people who treats everyone as...

Herb has been a pervasive influence since I arrived at the Institute in the fall of 1967. I did not have the good sense to take courses with Herb or do research with him, but was much affected by being a participant in Dick Martin's study (under Herb) on adaptation to a rotating TV monitor view of my hand drawing a "straight" line. Studies on perception of layout of familiar settings (a house) were great. My most memorable travel experience with Herb was riding from Edinburgh...

I don't know if he knew it, but he was like a second father to me. What an incredibly modest yet accomplished individual. What a true original and a true treasure. One of the finest people I have ever had the fortune to know.

Sorry to see Herb gone. I took classes from him and like him was originally from Cornell. he was kind and supportive of students and a wonderful teacher. I have sent this notice to some of his former students. Best wishes.

Dear Anne,

Dot and I were shocked and saddened to hear about Herb's passing. Herb and I taught, played handball, and ran around frozen lakes together. I always tried hard to keep up--which, of course, was impossible. Who could? He befriended me on my arrival at Minnesota in 1965 and continued to inspire me over the decade when we were members of the Center; he was always generous with his time and support in helping both colleagues and students be our best. And what an incredible...

Dear Anne
It's so hard to believe that Herb is gone. My memories of him, and my admiration, go back more than fifty years, as you know, and my reasons to be grateful to him, and to both of you, are manifold. Jerry had it right yesterday when he invoked that untranslatable Yiddish word encompassing all the real masculine virtues: Herb was indeed a mensch.
My love to you and all your family.


Herbert's Obituary

Herbert Pick passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The obituary was featured in Star Tribune on June 20, 2012.