Mesquite, Nevada

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Wonderful coach, teachers, mentors and neighbors. I remember Jack wearing his fishing waders and eating an apple for good luck while coaching football. It must have worked as we had pretty good teams.

They were both wonderful people. If I hadn't had Jack for one of my classes, I would still be there.He was a great coach,and both were wonderful teachers, and understanding sweet people.They are both together now just like they wanted and God Bless them Both...

I failed to sign my Guest Book entry, which should be below this. Mrs. Forsythe, my 2nd grade teacher, taught me better than this!

Jean was my teacher when I was in 2nd grade at Glide. Wonderful lady and I never forgot her.
I did not have Jack as a teacher but heard from some who did that he was a good shot with a blackboard eraser if you got out of hand! He did coach my JV basketball team. He still used the old 2-handed "push" shot on the court and was good at it. I remember riding in his big Lincoln Continental convertible to a game on the coast with some other guys. Over Hwy. 42 in the dark coming...

Jack was my football and baseball coach as well as my High School teacher. Both Jack and Jean were such kind and decent people. They had a very positive impact on my life.

Jack & Jean played an important role in our lives while they were in Glide, OR from 1952-1963, and since that time on our many visits while they were in AZ,CO and finally Mesquite. We will miss them.

To my dear friends of many years. You both will be missed in our lives, but not forgotten. You were both present at so many important events in my life, and those memories will live on forever. Thank you for your friendship, and all the wonderful experiences and fun we shared over the many years in Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Love always and forever. Carol Kennaday and Brad Cooper


JACK's Obituary

JACK FORSYTHE passed away in Mesquite, Nevada. The obituary was featured in Mesquite Local News on January 22, 2013.