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Hello Arlo, my name is Randy Benoit. I doubt if you would remember me. I played bass for you at 2 high school performances. I think it was 82' and 83'. I forget what school. I've been a paraplegic since Aug 04' the good of this is I can use my arms & my brain. but that's not important. what is, is life & death. I am so sorry of your loss... Jackie and all your loved ones that have passed. Are watching over you and your family.I hope longevity for you and a good life. A friend for...

We have lived in the same times as Jackie and Arlo, we married in 1969,
we named our son Arlo....we never stopped listening to the music...and playing it to the children...and we are so sorry to hear about Jackie.
We live in England, and never met or saw a concert, but the words of songs have been so important to us over the years......so, in a way, you have been here with us, all this time.
Love and Peace, Jane and Alfy.

A Tear Within Sorrow A Smile Within Remembrance Intermingled As One!!!

Our thoughts & Prayers go out to you, Arlo & family for your great loss of wife,mother&grandmother. May Jackie be in your heart's forever.

Tell everyone that you are not suffering anymore

I too lost a loved one to Cancer.
It was my daddy John L Russell Sr. I know the feeling you are going through because I've been there myself. The Lord taketh and the Lord giveth you will see her again one day in heaven just as I will my daddy. She would want you to keep on writing songs , performing your music and entertaining the people who love you. I have been listening to your music all of my life and it never gets old. At 51 years of age I too I'm a hippie. God bless you and your...

I am sorry for your loss. My wife Dottie, like me, a fan of your music, passed from the same malady a few years back. I understand the hard transition. I wish you the best. "Alice's Restaurant" has been a meme among my circle for half a century. Thanks for the memories, D. Danker

I remember meeting her at the dedication of Alice's Church, she was lovely and warm - my heart goes out to you and the family, i wish i had heard sooner, but then that wouldn't have changed anything would it? She will live on forever as you will Arlo, you can't have one without the other. i hope you can spend some time with the Thangka i was graced to deliver to you and that it helps you and those you love in whatever ways you need. Though i'm no longer in reasonable driving distance, my...


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