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Joan Marie Carlson

Chicago, Illinois

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Oh how I miss you mom.....

Oh much to say to much to you and wish I could hear you a little louder....

Hi Mom....just wanted to say I love you and miss you so much. Please tell Brad to watch over his family...I am sure he is but they really need him....

Hi Mom,
Another year goes by without you. Without your wisdom to guide me, without your voice to sooth me, without your smile to make me smile....I miss you so much. I know that your wisdom, your voice, your smile, and everything else that made you who you were will always stay with me and help me through tough times. I wanted to say Happy Mother's day to the best mother ever in the world....My life couldn't have ever been better with anyone else but you. The fun trips, the fun...

I hope that you, Dad, and Brad can rally around us on Tuesday for a good outcome with what we will be facing. Please pray that we can have closure and that Jayne and the girls are fine. I love you so much and wish you were here with us at this difficult time.

Mom....Just can't believe how a girl can miss her mother so much each and every day...and of course constantly thinking of my wonderful dad and my brother as well. I am hoping that in May we can at least get some closure with Brad..I love you all so much and miss you even more.

I never get tired of writing to you and wish I was talking to your face but seeing your picture here and me writing just helps so much. I miss you mom and please help us through the next couple of months. I know they are going to be tough. Tell Brad we love him so much and are doing all we can for him and his family right now.
I love you so much, miss you more....

Happy Valentine's day to you and of course to dad...and everyone else. This day is not a great day for me as you know and I so wish you were here. Please tell Dad that I miss him more than ever!! When I think to this day 23 years ago I can't help but cry....the coming five days are hard and I know you will be with me. I so miss you and I love you and dad more than anything. And....I know Brad is there with you too....give him a big hug and help his wife through these tough...

MISSING everything about you....Missing Dad, missing Brad, Grandma, everyone.....Love you so much.


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