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March 25, 2014 | Philadelphia

Hey daddy: well it's that time of year, I can't believe it's a year today that you left us. There are still some hours to go before the exact time but that doesn't make the hurt go away. I can't believe how this year just continued on as if nothing changed. Well alot changed, my daddy isn't here, there are no more 10:30am Sunday calls, there are no more Chings Chings when you hit the football pool. There are no more hearty laughs when I say something stupid and you can't believe that came...


March 09, 2014 | Philadelphia

Hey there Poppa: been thinking about you a lot, seems like I can't get you out of my head, not that I want to but its been different lately..Time sure does fly by, it's just about a year since you left me (us). It still seems like yesterday I was standing in the room saying Good bye. I will never ever forget that day, listening to you take that last breathe and knowing I would never hear your voice again. I remember standing there and hoping that you heard me say I love you. I know that we...


January 17, 2014

Happy 38th Anniversary Daddy, this is another first.. Your first anniversary not spending it with your wife, just wanted you to know that I will be sitting in your place. We are taking Barb to dinner.. Love you and miss you everyday..

January 01, 2014

Well its 2014, I can only hope its better than 2013. Happy New Year daddy love you to the moon and back and a return trip


December 31, 2013 | Philadelphia, PA

Well daddy another first.. Its New Years Eve and I wont be able to pick up the phone @ 12:01 and tell you I love you and wish you another Happy New Year wish from me. Instead this year I have to come to a visitor page and write to you as a guest. How sad for me and others that are reflecting on what this year has brought us..LOss is what I feel the most, I love you daddy every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week that leads to another month without you. Happy New...


December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas pop love and miss you. The boys loved their gifts.


December 25, 2013 | Pennsylvania

Merry Christmas Daddy..I love and miss you ....


December 23, 2013 | Philadelphia, PA

my special gift to me this year

Hi Daddy: well it's 1 day before Christmas Eve and last year we were on the phone and you were telling me about how I go over board buying stuff, well I went overboard again but this time I had to tell myself that. I miss you everyday, I still can't seem to grasp life without being able to pick up that phone @ 10am on Sunday. Too many Sundays have passed and there are way too many more. I love you daddy and this year I bought myself a special gift well 2 special gifts and every year they will...


December 04, 2013

Why is it every time you come to mind I cry ? I can't believe it's been almost 10 months since you left so sudden and no one was ready for it. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US. I miss you so much I miss your voice. I miss our calls I miss my trips to the shore. I just miss you so much pop. I don't know why I don't think I'll ever know why but you need to know your on my mind all the time. I cry all the time just randomly. Miss you so much. ?????? I try so hard to be strong for dram but I...


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JOHN ("Johnny Kwas") a truly gentle man, age 69, of Wildwood passed away Tues., March 26, 2013. Born in Phila-delphia, PA; he has been a Wildwood resident for 36 years. John was a truck driver and a tour bus driver for Lion Tours. He is survived by his wife Barbara (who...

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