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Joseph Edmond Robertson

Brownstown, Indiana

Age 95

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May 20, 2013

Dear Robertson Family, Through my Brownstown family friend, Esther Hotchkiss, I was sorry to learn of the passing of Joe. He was truly a wonderful Christian gentleman. He lived his faith and life to the fullest and he deeply cared for others. My Mother was Sarah Rankin and the Rankin family lived in Brownstown from 1900 to 1937. My Uncle Jim (Rev James Wm. Rankin) was a Presbyterian minister for over 60 years. He was a dear life long friend of Joe. I first met Joe in 1969 at the dedication...

jane blankenship ward

May 12, 2013 | VA

My prayers are with the family

Joe Thoele

May 09, 2013 | Seymour, IN

I met Mr. Robertson through Carl Shake at a Brownstown football game tailgate last year. He was a fascinating yet humble man and a real joy to talk to. I had no idea when we began talking about sports that he was a real legend. He was just a really "good man". He will be missed.

Peggy Robison

May 06, 2013 | Brownstown, IN

Mr. Joe Robertson was my hero. He was a mentor to me and a wonderful friend. It was a privilege and an honor to work with him on his two book projects as well as several other stories. Joe did for me what he did for so many -- he motivated us (yes, even challenged us!) to go beyond ourselves and be more than we would have been otherwise. His love of life and sense of adventure have inspired me to live bigger. I am thankful for the opportunity to have known Joe. It was one of the...

May 06, 2013

Joe Robertson contributed so much to the community. As others have noted, his world travels allowed him to share his experiences with others and let them understand the world a little better. I remember so well Joe calling the boat races at the Lake and Forest club. The Elsner family boat at that time was a wooden row boat, so we raced in the slowest category, but we still had fun. The Robertsons have been such good friends to the Elsners and Cartmels. Elaine Elsner Mittleman

Joe Holbrook

May 06, 2013 | Brownsburg, IN

If ever anyone from Brownstown could be described as an Icon, it would be Joe Robertson. Mr. Robertson was one of my Sunday School teachers at the Presbyterian church when I was in high school. He shared with us his experineces from his travels abroad to to teach us about other cultures and faiths. I can truely say that I am a better, richer person for having known him. My sympathy and prayers go out to the Robertson family.

Sue Noble

May 06, 2013 | Seymour, IN

Joe will be missed. My mother, Ona Skaggs worked for Joe and Virginia for a number years. I worked for his mother and father while I was still in high school. We have nothing but fond memories of the Robertson family. They were very kind to my mother and our family. He was always a gentleman no matter where you saw him. Prayers for the family.

Jan Wiethoff Price

May 05, 2013 | Richmond, VA

Joe Robertson and his wife, Virgie, were two very important people in my life, starting when I was a little girl. His elegance and grace, his love of life and of people, and his high standards for living his life were such an inspiration to me. With so many, many others, I will mourn his death and miss him in my life.

Dorthy (Ratcliff) Fowler

May 04, 2013 | Indianapolis, IN

Sorry to hear that Joe has passed away,I was a class mate of Joe at Brownstown High School and am probably the only living member of the class of 1936 Brownstown High School. I am also 95 and have been married to Cedric Fowler for 74 years.


Joseph's Obituary

Joseph Robertson passed away on May 2, 2013 at the age of 95 in Brownstown, Indiana. Obit is featured in Tribune.