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Julie A. Harris

Dec 2, 1925 - Aug 24, 2013

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"You are one lucky gal who got to kiss James Dean, now you both can meet again..."

Watched you today....I was not watching an actress playing a part...I was watching real emotion....R.I.P dear Julie...your talent was, and is, a joy x

In rememberance today, and always....may your light, Miss Harris shine our way.....

I had the privilege of meeting ms harris in New haven, ct and NYC many times. I left an autograph book for her to sign and she then sent it to me along with her note, Mr. Richard kiley the actor and others that were in the play at Shubert theatre,new haven, ct. Julie and I corresponded thru letters and postcards...she never forgot my birthday. what a superb actress, beautiful speaking voice. you earned every award given you...and happy to read your contributions to the theatre in cape...

May those near and dear to the Supremely talented Ms. Julie Harris and authentically so in return, find the same always good grace of hers as they cope now that she is gone. In keeping with her loving memory, may peace and harmony linger on past her death. Namaste . . .

Your a wonderful actress, whom I will forever remember as Eleanor Lance in the horror film, THE Haunting. Also, as Lily Mae Clemmons on Knots Landing.
I will forever remember your sweetness and kindness, in yourself, and your characters. Your a beautiful soul, gone home now.
Rest in Eternal Peace.

Anthony Cashmere

In spirit and on film, she lives on...!

Happy (what would have been) 88th birthday to Ms. Julia Ann Harris!
Your family, friends, and fans---
actually to you, one and the same---
were all the better for having you
with us for as long as we did.


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