Karen J. Morgel

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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i think of you all the tim eand miss you sooooo much

i love you and need you

Missing you, missing us. Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I last saw you smile, heard you laugh. Other times it seems like forever ago, either way I REALLY miss you!

Karen, I had the pleasure of seeing your Granddaughters pictures. She is Beautiful. You would be so Proud. Amber seems to be doing very well as a Mother. She dresses her so cute and seems Happy. I know she wishes you were here to hold her. I am sure you are holding her in you're heart. I am sure one day she will see a part of you in her daughter. Love and Miss You, Jane

wow I can no believe it has been 7 years sense i have heard your voice or seen your smile!!! I miss you soo much.I know you have seen her already but i wish you were here to meet your granddaughter..i couild really use your advice about now..i know you are with me everyday but i need to feel your arms around me..someone said its gets easier how when I miss you more evryday..this pain will never go away!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH..your in my thoughts always

Karen, I thought of you yesterday. and still find it hard to believe your gone. A special hello and belated Christmas to Brad,Amy,Amber and brothers/sister in laws and familys. They say time heals. But it seems hard to believe at times. Take Care, Jane

well its christmas time again and i just want to see your face and hear your laugh..mom i love you and miss you sooo much..thinkin of you always

Karen, although it has been awhile. I still think of you often. We grew up as little toddlers and played together. I have so many memories. Although we drifted apart off and on through the years we still talked on the phone once in awhile. I know GOD is taking good care of you.

I miss you and I miss us, today and every day!


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