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Leopold Engleitner

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Valenda Newell

November 08, 2016 | Indianapolis, IN

Lisa Mouton

February 24, 2014 | Mountain View, CA

For all who have not had a chance to read Unbroken Will, story of Leopold's life, I urge you to do so! We may very well suffer terrible, terrible persecution, but Jehovah is always right there with us as he was with Leopold. I can imagine, when suffering as much as Leopold did, it's easy to allow Satan's thoughts to enter our minds and heart. Things like, "Jehovah has left me", but in reading the story of faithful ones like Leopold, and of course daily bible reading, we will...

S. Frazier

September 03, 2013 | Jacksonville, FL

To see such a premeditated act of obedience to Jehovah is so faith strengthening. Not only does it make us happy but it makes Jehovah's heart rejoice. May Brother Engleitner's family be comforted in his hope of a better life. And may we all be determined to allow nothing to separate us from Jehovah's love so that we can live the real life in the near future!

Sister jackson

August 22, 2013

This brother went through a lot, but it truly shows how with Jehovah's holy spirit backing us we can with sustain anything that Satan throws our way :)

Sheila Means

August 20, 2013 | Charlotte, NC

In reading about faithful ones like Brother Engleitner's, gives me the courage to carry on faithfully in whole-soul service to my Heavenly Father Jehovah. May your family continue to find comfort until that day of the calling from Sheol.
Your Sister,

James Williams

July 26, 2013 | Atlanta, GA

I really appreciate Brother Leoppold Engleitner.He really demonstrated that a imperfect human can hold to their faith in Jehovah evven under the most intense trial and persecution.Thank you Jah for this brother and many more like him.

June 25, 2013

Look forward to seeing him again in the resurrection. Went to visit columbia university with him. Rose vincent, new york


June 02, 2013 | TX

What a wonderful and inspiring example was set. I wish I could have met the man behind the face. I have met many survivors. All of the experiences have been very faith strengthening and encouraging. What a joy will be when they all return in the resurrection.

May 17, 2013

May the god of comfort be a source of strength for your family at this difficult time. 2Corn 1:3, 4. Deepest Sympathy, Sue, Concord, NC


Leopold's Obituary

Leopold Engleitner passed away. Obit is featured in Legacy.