In Memory Of

Marvin Hamlisch

1944-2012 (Age 68)

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Marvin dearest, your spirit is still sitting on my living room sofa
As we discuss how we are going to develop the Liberace musical...I remember your talk with Roger O. Hirson who did wind up writing us a terrific book and telling him the book needed
More "MILK"... you would be thrilled to know Liberace's struggle
as a Gay man in early Hollywood and Las Vegas is well represented in COURTROOM CARAMBA, and GEORGE, POUR
THE CHAMPAGNE...I know you would be thrilled...

Marvin, you'll always be an inspiration to me. My thaughts and my prayers are with you, your family and Marvin Hamlisch team who keep your memory alive. God bless you all.

Marvin- I will never forget the first time I heard your music from A CHORUS LINE. It immediately and has stayed with me for nearly 40 years. You are missed, but your beautiful music lives forever!

To Marvin Hamlisch,
You were a fantastic composer the movies A chrous line, The Sting, The Way we were etc. My prayers are with you, your family and collegues. God Bless you Mr. Hamlisch for a being a great composer. Great job! Well done. Lisa Weiner

When I began writing songs, I wrote Mr. Hamlisch. Firstly, I was amazed he wrote back to me with words of encouragement and hope for my efforts. I've treasured his letter and taken encouragement from it when things get rough. He remains my giant of kindness.

Terre, So sorry to hear of your loss. God bless you and your family.
Ricky Shepherd North High Marching Band

To Marvin Hamlisch,
You were a great composer and piano player for the broadway A Chrous Line, The movie Sting etc. God Bless. Lisa Weiner


Marvin's Obituaries

NEW YORK Marvin Hamlisch was blessed with perfect pitch and an infallible ear. "I heard sounds that other children didn't hear," he wrote in his autobiography. He turned that skill into writing and arranging compulsively memorable songs that the world was unable to stop humming ...

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