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I just spent all afternoon watching your last lecture and the Diane Sawyer interview.I don't think it was a mistake that I listened to you.I have been so depressed and full of anxiety about my health situations.You have just inspired me to be Tigger...I have been an eyore since my last brain surgery 30 years ago...Thank you and if there was one person that I could meet in Heaven I hope it is you.


I read your book... and it was AMAZING! Im in 6th grade and i have become very interested in you and your life. You will be missed.

Not only did you do great things, you inspired a generation of people to believe in their imagination and that anything is possible. Very much like Walt Disney and his Imaginers, and Pixar but you passed on and for girls to get into mathematics, a tree hero, and Rest In Peace. Sheri Newberry

I was given Randy book called The Last Lecture it was the most amazing book I ever read it took me just over 18 hours to read it. I hope his wife and children find happiness in their lives
From Canada

The transplanted American

You've left a lasting legacy. You've given hope and inspiration to millions. Rest now dear soul, for your toils are over.

You did it big Randy! Much love

Bless your heart! You were being an inspiration when your own life was in danger yet you selflessly shared with us and I will never forget that. It will be inside my soul from now own. Now just rest in peace brother, knowing you are loved.

I am Mahesh Senadheera fro Sri Lanka. I was totally impressed by you Mr. Randy.


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