6-20-1955 - 3-30-2004
Ten years since you have gone
Ten years since we felt the heartache.
But the memories remain.
And the prayers flow freely,
We think of you often.
Reminders of you come when we
least expect it.
It could be someone with your name,
A song or a simple blow of the wind.
You are always within our hearts.
Where are you, none of us know.
But we believe you are in a better place.
Watching over each of us everyday making
sure we know we can always pray to you.
No more suffering, No more pain.
No more confusion, No more frustration.
You are our sister, Our mother, our Aunt,
Our Friend, Our Angel.
Mama named you perfectly, because each
time we smell or see the flower. We think
of you, your beauty, your laughter, your smile.
All comparable to the flower for which you represent.
Thank you for being a part of our lives. We all
remember something different about you that
tugs at our heart and memory.Thank you for
sharing that laugh with us, I can hear it right now
as clear as if you were in the room right next to me.
That is the thing I remember most about you, Rosie,
your laugh and your smile, it was infectious and real.
Thank you for helping us realize that life is precious
and for reminding us to cherish each moment we have
on this earth. Thank you for giving us the gift of strength,
to learn how to try to overcome our own fears and internal
battles. Your courage, your decisions in life, your death has
changed everyone you touched in some way big or small.
I dare say that one thing remains the same among all of us,
We love you and believe you are a part of a better world,
surrounded by light.
Watch over us, Hear our prayers.
Love, Claudette,
Your children:
Chris and Lindsay,
Siblings: Mici and Family
Estelle and Family
Frank and Family
Justine and Family
Helen and Family
Millie and Family
Joe and Family
Published in The News-Herald on Mar. 30, 2014