Joshua Brett Allen

In Loving Memory of

(based upon Job 14:13-14) Life, like a mist,
appears for just a day,
Then disappears tomorrow.
All that we can
quickly fade away,
Replaced with tears
and sorrow.
If a man should die,
can he live again?
Hear the promise
God has made: He will call;
The dead will answer.
They shall live at his command.
For he will have a longing
For the work of his own hand.
So have faith,
and do not wonder,
For our God
can make us stand.
And we shall live forever,
As the work of his own hand. Friends of our God, though they may pass away,
Will never be forsaken.
All those asleep who
in God's memory stay,
From death he will awaken.
Then we'll come to see
all that life can be:
Paradise eternally. (see also John 6:40; 11:11, 43; James 4:14) To his family, friends and girlfriend, Joshua was and always will be a shining light in the presence of darkness. His life will always be missed, but never forgotten

Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal on Feb. 27, 2013