In Loving Memory of
Just see yourself, just see me too; Just see us all in a world that is new. Think how you'll feel, how it will be, To live in peace, to be truly free. No evil one will then prevail; Rule by our God cannot ever fail. The time will have come for a new earthly start,

The song of our praises will pour out from our heart: (Chorus) "Jehovah our God, how well you have done! All things are new by the rule of your Son.

The fullness of our heart overflows in our song; All glory and honor and praise to you belong." 2. Now see yourself, and see me too; And look ahead to a world that is new. No sight we see, no sound we hear will cause alarm or give rise to fear.
All has come true, just as he said; Now over mankind, his tent is spread. He now shall awaken those sleeping in death;
Their voices will join us with ev'ry grateful breath:

(Chorus) See also (Ps. 37:10, 11, 29)
(Isa. 65:17) (John 5:28)
(2Pet. 3:13) (Rev. 4:11)

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Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal on Feb. 24, 2013