Dolores Roppolo

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In Loving Memory

Dolores Roppolo
March 9, 1928 - November 4, 2012


Even though you are not here
I feel your presence
close and near

I know your are guiding
me through
My long and difficult
Journey of fear

Your love was deep and true
And never wavered
because of your Devotion to our marriage
Our son and of Course me too.

Now that you are gone
you are still always
As I feel your touch in
everything I do,
It is any wonder that my
energy to help others
Is endless and enduring,
It is the courage you showed me in your final days,
That made me know how strong and brave You were
As well as reassuring

I cannot forget you and stop wanting you near
On my endless journey thru my grief and fear
To be able to hold you in my arms
To once again feel your loving touch, your kisses that was always so near
And find it difficult to face the future and shed all my tears

Thank god for giving me all those wonderful years
To have had the privilege of your presence
Through all The times we had to face the unknown,
Sorrow, and yes, fears
We faced them together and made it through
And now it time for me to go on living
Without you here too

I will always know you're with me in my heart and mind
As I have those precious memories
To help Me face the lonely days and times

So it is never goodbye but, just farewell
As I know we will meet again
But, just don't know where or when

My love for you will always endure
Because I had you for the past wonderful 65 years …
I will never be alone as you will always be near
How could I ever forget you
and the way you faced your fears

Your beauty, sensitivity that gave me so much happiness deep down inside
To have had those many, many year with you always at my side
As my loving wife which just fills me with such great pride

With all my love always…… your loving husband Lou
I will never forget you
and always be true
To the love we shared so long
That continues to endure
Until my last breath on earth
Which will lead me back to you?

Published in Daytona Beach News-Journal on Nov. 3, 2013
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