Victoria L. Solsberry

Victoria L. Solsberry

Victoria Solsberry, LCSW, counselor, psychotherapist, business and life coach, was born in Kansas City, May 28, 1949, and lived in Arlington, Va. for 30 years before her death on May 27th in Vero Beach, Fla.

Vicki attended Glendale H.S. 3 years, the University of Illinois-Chicago, & The Catholic University, Md. She was an accomplished musician and singer, a volunteer at the Washington Opera, and an usher for Presidential funerals at the National Cathedral.

An author and speaker on Bereavement and Singles issues, Victoria suffered the loss of her brother Rich in 2009, and father Gene Solsberry in 2010.

Vicki counseled clients for 4 months while fighting brain cancer, supported by loyal Virginia friends Dr. Melissa Chaffee and Linda Walton Rouhani (who hosted a memorial gathering June 15 in Clifton, Va.); and by her loving mother Kay Solsberry, Vero Beach; brother David Solsberry & Heather, Miami, Fla.; and nephews Richard, Daniel and Michael.

When asked about pain as she quietly faded away, Victoria replied, just in "my heart." With painful hearts, her Missouri friends remember Vicki's 50 years of friendship (1963-2013).

Published in the News-Leader on July 28, 2013