Hunter Curti Gough


Hunter Curtis Gough

8-23-1995 to 1-19-2008

God saw that you were tired and a cure was not to be?

Six years ago we lost you, so short, yet so long ago it seems.

A poem for Hunter written by a dear family friend:

This is a story about a boy who transcends his human body to be the

Embodiment of Spirit.

He is Here. His eyes are the bluest of Sky... His smile as bright as the Sun... His freckles the many colors of the Earth... His hearing as acute to the Thundering of an army of ants marching to their daily tasks... His tastes unfold delightfully in every meal prepared with Love... His arms, the Wind encircling the earth... His Joy is in the rush of jumping off the dock into the cool Waters below? His Heart is Your Heart and should be Revered as so...

Do Better... Love Deeper... Be Kinder... Be Appreciative...

We cherish the all too rare times you have visited us from your heavenly home?the sudden appearance of your "slide show" on Grandma and Grandpa's computer, Aunt Stefanie and the money box, the unexplained sounds at home. We know you are here, yet it will never fill the ache in our hearts. Hunter, we miss you every single day.

Love, Mom, Dad and Logan

Published in The Santa Barbara News-Press Online Edition from Jan. 19 to Jan. 23, 2014