Zelda Trousdale

Born March 11, 1923, beloved mother of Todd and Alan Howell, grandmother and great-grand mother, and dear friend to residents and staff at Samarkand Retirement Community, passed peacefully on July17, 2013. Zelda's emotional strength, lively intellect, and passionate force of character, especially throughout her difficult last years, touched and inspired everyone who knew her. Of our mother's interests, foremost was her love of sports. Never was there a more dedicated Chargers fan, Tiger Woods enthusiast, or competitive golfer in her own right; and always a patient listener to her sons' own travails. We fondly remember mom's golfing pointers and advice as if it were yesterday. Likewise, ever the grandame of modeling fame, her famous "pictures" evoke a glamorous time. A perfect model size, she became the fit and look of a line of sportswear in L.A. and New York City. Lastly, let's not forget the master bridge player and strict disciplinarian of the Friday afternoon bridge group at the Samarkand. Always the autocrat of the bridge table and also the oldest member of the local duplicate club, we are told she is greatly missed. In fighting to the end as hard and as well as she did, she, like the rest of us, could only play the hand she was dealt. But a surprisingly good hand it was, made even stronger because she never doubted that she was fighting for us, her sons. These were practically her last words, picked up again by pastors Sherry and Doug and granddaughter Katie at her beautiful Samarkand memorial. "I am living for you, so you will know how much you are loved" was mom's way of putting it. She was our "mom" and we will not see her like again, she was our treasure. By her request, her ashes were spread at sea right here in Santa Barbara.

Published in The Santa Barbara News-Press Online Edition from Oct. 15 to Oct. 19, 2013