Pamela Stevens

12/1/1963 - 12/7/2008

It has been four years since you left us to return to your Father's house.

All we have here are the many memories of you and the wonderful life we had together.

We remember the birth of a beautiful baby girl who grew into a lovely woman.

Our thoughts relive your sweet smile, the exuberance of your laughter that lit up any room you were in.

We recall your musical talents, the hush in church when your rendition of hymns brought tears to our eyes. Without your gifted touch, even your piano and organ stand mute, never again to reverberate with the soul and personality of your music.

We relive your relationships with your many musical students, who couldn't wait for your visits and credited you with improving their lives, as well as their musical ability.

But these memories are not compensation for your loss. As we move from room to room in our home, there will always be a void that only your presence could fill.

However, these recollections are all that we have to sustain us, until that day when we are together once again.

We love you and miss you every minute of every hour of every day.

Mom and Dad

Published in The Record/Herald News on Dec. 7, 2012