Pasquale "Pat" Florio

Pasquale "Pat" Florio
Second Anniversary

Two years ago you had to leave us and we are missing you as much or more now than we did then. You are forever in our thoughts and your presence is felt in everything we do. Nothing is the same without you steering the ship for us but I am learning to take charge and I know you are guiding me along the way - that is what keeps me plugging along.
Your four "little girls" are making you proud with all their activities whether it is sports, school or dance they all have a wonderful outlook and your competitive spirit. "Poppy" is always in all of our conversations although they miss not having you here to play with them or tell your many stories, all of which they repeat often. You are alive in all of our hearts every day. If you have any pull up there could you get the NHL thing settled for us it has been dragging on too long? We love and miss you always please keep watching over us.

Judi, Terri & Chris,
Patrick & Stacy
Stephanie, Piper,
Ashling and Danielle
And your many friends

Published in The Record on Nov. 20, 2012